School Knickers Desires

(With Rosemarie’s assistance, Terry tells how it all began for him)

It all began when I started at senior school.
There was so much sport and hobbies in my life that I had not really bothered very much about girls, except for the usual kissing and snogging, and they had remained a total mystery to me.

Then one day when I was heading to the sports field in my running shorts, I happened to catch up a girl hastening to the gym to join her class.  She must have been delayed, for I noticed that she was still adjusting her clothing ahead of me.  Then, just as I rounded the corner of the bike sheds, there she was, directly in front of me.  She had stopped and lifted up her gym skirt to do something at the front of her knickers, and the sight of her fully exposed knickers made my heart explode and stop, and I stopped breathing too!  She was wearing white knickers, very full fitting cotton knickers, and they clung to her lovely rounded bottom in absolute perfection.  As I watched she put her hands onto her knickers waist-elastic and eased her knickers gently in place, causing the elastic in her knicker-legs to move upwards, and slightly down again to its place on her upper thighs.  The way her knickers-elastic was gently gripping her legs made my heart flutter and burst into its full pounding which almost hurt with its intensity.  Weak at the knees, I leaned against the shed, and watched as she slipped a finger under each of her leg-elastics, one at a time, like most girls seemed to do.  Her bottom gave a cute little wriggle of satisfaction!  Then she twisted and turned to look at her knickered bottom, and seemed to be very pleased with them and their appearance.

Suddenly she spotted me, and her eyes widened in surprise and alarm.  She quickly let her gym skirt fall to hide her knickered bottom, and gave me a long, penetrating stare.  In those amazing seconds her eyes showed me a mixture of feelings which I later analysed to be everything from complete embarrassment to head-tossing superiority, and through sexual arousal to that typical teasing look that girls give to boys, and that very special look I shall remember for ever.  She flashed her eyes away, and as she bent to pick up her bags I had a final look at her knickers up her skirt.  But this time I gazed at a clear, heart-thumping view of her soft white cotton knicker-gusset disappearing between her lovely thighs, and I instinctively knew that my life had completely changed forever.

In a daze, my eyes must have misted over, for when I looked up she had vanished!

It was only when I started to walk on that I realised that I had a tremendously stiff erection in my underpants.  I could barely walk, and trembling, almost in a panic, I moved to the darkest corner in the bike shed.  I quickly lowered my running shorts, for I knew that I was going to cum at any moment!  I tried to get my cock out through the front of my Y-front underpants as there was already a wet stain showing through them.  But it was much too stiff to move anywhere.  Then, just as I was watching my juice being absorbed by the soft cotton of my pure white underpants, another girl walked by outside.  Terrified, I stopped breathing and shrunk down lower.  This must be the end of my world, and visions of the headmaster’s cane, and worse, flashed through my head.

As she slowed her pace, to my utter astonishment, she casually put one hand up her short, navy blue, pleated skirt and felt around ‘up there’!  Then, without completely stopping, she put her fingers onto the waist-elastic of her white school knickers and pulled them gently up, bit by bit, all around.  The sight was so stunning that I stood, staring, motionless, until, with a flip of her skirt, her knickers were hidden from my view.  As I watched her walk slowly on, my cock started pumping my copious cum into my underpants and I moaned and groaned in absolute, blind ecstasy.  My legs almost gave out beneath me, and I had to lean on somebody’s bicycle for support, such was the intensity of my incredible, unstoppable orgasm.  I thought that my cock would never stop pumping, and when I looked down, my cum was actually running down the outside of my underpants as well as inside!  I was completely unaware of anything but my amazing, shattering situation, and anyone could have entered the sheds and seen me.

After a few moments my heart slowed, and I started to recover.  I quickly took off my shorts, and thank goodness they were still dry.  Then I carefully lowered my gooey, wet underpants, and managed to get them right off, too.  I dried myself as best as I could, but my cock was still oozing more juices, and it was still pointing straight out, half-hard.  However, it eventually settled down and I put my shorts on, hoping that they would remain dry when I was out on the field!  I carefully put my wet underpants in my bag, and hurried, my heart still thumping, to somehow endure an hour of running practice.

Some time later I sneaked into the washroom and carefully rinsed out my underpants with plenty of hot water.  It would now be easier to fib and say they got muddy.  The consequences of returning home with cum-filled underpants was beyond my imagination!

I could not concentrate on lessons for the rest of the day for my whole head was filled with thought of girls’ raised skirts, and clear images of their wonderful, white, school knickers.  Everywhere I looked, my eyes were drawn to the hems of their pleated skirts, and the wonderful rounded shape of their bottoms, and knowing that they were each wearing a pair of white cotton knickers was driving me wilder by the minute.  I received some stares in return, and I went red with embarrassment, but the compulsion of trying to see their knickers was so overwhelming that my cock was becoming incredibly hard, so hard that at times it was almost painful.

Somehow I survived the day, and at home in the bath, and with a well-soaped penis, I had yet another dramatically long orgasm which had me groaning, and muttering ‘knickers’ for several wonderful long moments.  That night I slept fitfully, with visions of girls’ knickers filling almost every fibre of my body.  Luckily I had put on a fresh pair of underpants for bed, and most of my cums remained within them.  I was aware that knickers were filling my head, and realised that life would never be the same again.


Part 2 to follow in due course: More Knickers!