Knickers Awakening

And the word came down from on high, and that word was…Knickers’.

(Quotation was taken from the Manual of Knicker Servitude, and used by the High Priestess of Knicker Servitude during initiation rituals).

Even as a teenager I was still wearing nappies and rubber pants, and that situation was mainly due to being frightened during a wartime bombing experience.  My Mummy used to reassuringly call it my ‘Potty Training’, and it was all kept a big secret from most people.  An innocent young boy not recovered sufficiently to attend school, I was taught lessons at home, and under various women’s influences I had slowly become more and more girlish.

But it was during my potty training that I gradually became more aware of women’s underwear.  Mummy and her best friend, who I knew as Aunty Audrey, both wore deliciously soft, silky underwear, and they were frequently undressed to their petticoats when they were seeing to my wetting needs.  But it was after a particular birthday that I suddenly became aware that they seemed to enjoy taking their petticoats off and exposing their knickers to my innocent eyes.  They both wore directoire knickers, but surprisingly I did not discover the name ‘directoire knickers’ until some time later, for most women simply referred to them as their ‘knickers’ when chatting together.

Occasionally I had heard them mention ‘directoire knickers’, but had paid little attention, and had little idea to what the women were referring.  Then one fine summer’s day I was in the garden playing with my dollies when my attention was strangely drawn to my Mummy chatting to Aunty Audrey in their favourite spot by the fragrant herb and lavender bushes.  Their conversation was all about the latest ladies underwear that had just arrived at Sutherlands, the local suppliers of traditional ladies underwear.

Mummy was a good seamstress, and she had made lots of little frocks, knickers, jackets and bonnets for my dollies, which often matched my own clothes, so that when Mummy took me out to certain understanding friends I could carry a dolly wearing similar clothing to my own.  I loved dressing and undressing my dollies, and playing with them would keep me occupied for hours on end.

I was doing just that when I had become aware of Mummy talking to Aunty Audrey.  They were deep in their conversation and did not notice me as I sat quietly down on the grass nearby.  Mummy was saying that Sutherlands had just received the latest supply of Nylon Directoire Knickers, and she thought that they were far superior to the old wartime knickers which they had worn for so long.  Mummy looked around to make sure they were alone, but she did not see me as the sun was against her eyes, and I heard her say, “These knickers are far smoother and silkier, and they have a wonderful double thickness knicker-gusset which just fits so supportingly over my cunt”.

Whenever I heard them say that magic word in lowered voices, their faces became flushed, and although at the time I did not know why, my dicky always tingled and swelled in my rubber pants.  Mummy had said that I should never mention that word until I was able to understand about such things.

To my surprise, right there in the garden, Mummy slowly raised the hem of her skirt and revealed to Aunty Audrey her new peach-coloured directoire knickers.  I immediately fell in love with her knickers, and could not take my eyes from them as she continued to tell Aunty Audrey how lovely they were feeling.

I gazed closely as Mummy ran her hand over her knickered bottom, sensuously caressing it, and fondling the silky knicker-gusset in the valley between her luscious, rounded bum-cheeks.  The leg elastics stretched as Mummy twisted around to show off her smooth bottom to Aunty Audrey, and for a moment I caught the glimmer of her shiny metal suspenders pulling against the top of her taught brown lisle stocking.  My heart fluttered as I feasted my eyes on this beautiful underwear, and I immediately wondered where I might be able to find a pair of Mummy’s knickers to try them on.  Then, right in front of my surprised eyes, Aunty Audrey slid her skirt down her legs, and stepped out of it.  She was wearing long, sky-blue coloured cotton directoire knickers, and my heart thumped with excitement.  There she stood in the garden, beckoning for Mummy to take her skirt off, too.  Mummy’s face flushed, and she glanced around again.  She may have assumed that I was in the bedroom, for she quickly undid the buttons of her skirt and Aunty Audrey helped her to slip her skirt down.  As soon as it was off the two women stepped forward, and to my amazement they kissed passionately, mouth to mouth.  As they kissed, their hands caressed each other’s knickers and I stared, mouth agape, watching their knickers touching, pressed together, knickers to knickers.

I was very deeply affected, and my dicky tingled and throbbed as I felt it oozing into my nice rubber pants.  Then my heart seemed to stop for I saw their fingers searching for their knickers waist-elastics, and together they started to draw down each other’s knickers.  Slowly, seductively, their knickers peeled bit by bit down over their bottoms, and my glazed eyes were filled with what seemed to be a wonderful confusion of dark brown stocking-tops, and several long, white, elastic suspenders.  I knew little of what was happening, but realised that my dicky was very stiff in my rubber pants, and I trembled all over as a strange desire filled my every pore.  Their knickers stopped, bunched inside-out at their knees, and as they kissed again, their naked flesh and their exposed underwear writhed together in the most erotic sight I’d ever seen.  Then, in unison they stepped apart and bent down to gently slide their knickers down over their brown stockinged legs, and remove them over their feet.

Then the two ladies were naked from the waist down, dressed only in their stockings and blouses, showing off their creamy white bum cheeks and their glistening, moist, shaven cunts.  They held their knickers up to examine them closely, just like I’d seen several women doing when I was supposed to be asleep.  Then, mesmerised, I distinctly heard Aunty Audrey tell Mummy that she had been seduced an hour before by the milkman.  She parted her thighs to show Mummy that her cunt was swollen, and I could see that her sex lips seemed all puffy and red compared with Mummy’s.  Mummy bent down to look closely at it, and as she did so, I had a wonderful close view of her naked bottom and her lovely cunt.  I felt dazed and confused, and rubbed my dicky through my rubber pants, yet I dared not move for fear of being discovered for I was forbidden to touch my dicky unless given permission.

Mummy handed her new nylon directoire knickers to Aunty Audrey, and stood watching and whispering things, as Aunty Audrey eased those lovely peach-coloured knickers up her legs and over her bottom.  She then adjusted the waistband, gently pulling the knickers up into position until their knicker-gusset eased between her cunt-lips like I’d so often secretly watched them do before.  I had always loved the way that ladies wore their knickers like that, yet I could not begin to understand how it must have felt.  I was aware only of my thumping heart, and my throbbing dicky, stiff and aching in my smooth rubber pants.  I gazed at the scene before me, so clearly seen in the afternoon sun.  I was absolutely adoring the view of Aunty Audrey’s peach-coloured silken slit between her thighs when suddenly she put her right hand down onto it and began playing with her silky knickered cunt.  She rubbed on what I later learnt was her clitty, and staring at Mummy’s naked cunt she gasped, caught her breath, and within seconds she was moaning as she had an orgasm.  Mummy had spread her legs and I could see her fingers working herself to a climax.  I was utterly mesmerised at the sight before me, and I continued to play with my dicky inside the folds of my rubber pants, even though I knew I was forbidden to do so.

Suddenly I could stand it no longer, so crawling back out of their view, I got up as quietly as possible, and leaving my dollies on the grass, I crept into the house.  In quivering excitement, and not knowing why that was, I was desperate to try on a pair of Mummy’s knickers.  I ran up the stairs, and panting with expectation I went straight into the bedroom that I shared with Mummy.  As luck would have it, there on the silky pink eiderdown was a new pair of pink nylon directoire knickers that Mummy had bought that morning.  With shaking hands I smoothed the skirt of my frock and picked up this wonderful garment for the very first time.  It was gorgeous to feel her silky knickers through my fingers, to smell the fragrance of their newness, and to rub my face in the confines of their knicker-gusset.  I tested the tightness of their elasticated waistband and their leg openings.  I was in heaven and I could not wait to luxuriate in the feel of this lovely intimate underwear.  Trembling with excitement, and having difficulty in focusing on what I was doing, I took my frock off, and then pulled down my rubber pants.  Fortunately I was dry, but my little dicky was standing erect, all five inches of it!  Without more ado I held open the waistband of Mummy’s knickers, and as delicately as possible, I stepped into them, and began to ease them up my smooth, hairless legs.  The elastic leg openings stretched to accommodate my legs, and for the first time I experienced the thrill of their tightness as they slipped over my smooth skin.  My dicky stiffened even more, and it ached as if it would burst.  I had just pulled her knickers right up into their place on my waist when I heard a noise behind me, and I froze!  Then I heard Mummy’s voice.  “Well!  What have we here then?  Mummy’s little sissy boy wants to be a big girl now, does he?  Trying on Mummy’s new nylon directoire knickers, I see!”

Blushing furiously, and turning beetroot red to the very roots of my hair, I turned around to see Mummy standing in the doorway, her arms folded across her chest.  She was smiling broadly, and having come straight in from the garden, she was still partly undressed.  Aunty Audrey's blue cotton knickers were draped neatly over her shoulder.

“Now sissy,” she said.  “Mummy needs to put on a clean pair of knickers, so be a good little sissy and go to my underwear drawer.  Take out the peach directoire knickers you will see on the top, and bring them over to Mummy”.  Trembling, fearful and confused, I did as I was told.  Mummy gave me a mysterious smile, and after holding her knickers up to prepare them, she began to draw them carefully up over her stockinged legs.  I watched as her knickers eased into her smooth, hairless cunt as I so loved to see it.  She admired herself in the mirror, touching her knickers here and there, and I felt that she was deliberately teasing me with the wonderful views of her beautiful knickered bottom.

My stiff dicky was throbbing, and aching terribly as Mummy turned and stared thoughtfully at it.  Then she appeared to make a decision, and came and stood by the bed.  She indicated that I should get on my knees.

“It is time you learnt a few things, Sissy Boy, so take Mummy’s knickers down to her stocking-tops, and arrange them neatly there”.

Trembling visibly, and with my mind in a daze, I dropped to my knees, and fumbled confusedly for her knickers waist-elastic.  It was warm already, and I let out a gasp as my fingers felt the elasticated puckers of her knicker-elastic.  I felt as if I would never stop trembling, and felt quite faint, too.  But Mummy’s soft sexy voice stirred me into life, “I think you love Mummy’s knickers, don’t you, Sissy Boy.  Just look at your little dicky all long and stiff in Mummy’s new knickers.  Where are your nice rubber pants, dear?  Oh, I can see them there on the bed”.

With Mummy’s murmured encouragement, I slowly lowered her knickers until her stocking-tops were in view, and somehow my trembling fingers arranged her knickers to her satisfaction.

She then sat on the edge of the bed, lay back and opened her legs above my head.

Her knickers were then stretched gently between her stockinged thighs, and I suddenly longed to kiss them.  But I suddenly realised that I was also looking straight into her smooth shaven cunt, and I froze in shock.  Then I heard Mummy’s voice saying, “This is where your sissy training starts, darling.  Look at Mummy’s cunt, and remember what it is like”.  Mesmerised, I watched as Mummy pulled her long, rounded cunt-lips apart, and I saw a little red knob, almost the same size as my tiny dicky when it was small.  Mummy fingered her ‘little dicky,’ and went on, “This, my precious, is Mummy’s clitty, and I am going to teach you all about women’s clitties, and how to suck them and give a woman her pleasure”.  She gasped at her own touch.  “But for now, I just want you to lean forward and kiss it gently on the tip”.  So saying, Mummy grasped the back of my head, and pulled my face into her smooth cunt.  I immediately smelt the wonderful perfumed muskiness of her cunt as I tenderly pressed a delicate kiss onto her hot, moist, and very exciting-looking clitty.  I wanted to kiss it more, but Mummy gently pushed me away, closed her legs, and sat up.  She smiled at me, “We shall call it Mummy’s little Dicky, dearest, but you must only say it in private, and only to Mummy and Aunty Audrey”.

She then stood up with her feet apart, “You must learn how to pull our knickers up properly, too, so pull Mummy’s knickers up for me”.  She watched as I tried to pull her knickers up, but my fingers were trembling so much that she had to help me to arrange her knicker-elastic, and she tucked her knicker-gusset gently into her cunt again.  She also ran her fingers gently between her bum-cheeks, easing a little of her knickers in between them, and murmured, “That’s how a woman likes to have her knickers so that they properly support her cunt, dear, and then she will be so pleased with you”.

“Now, sissy, I think it is time to get you properly dressed, for I want to introduce your dicky to Mummy’s directoire knickers….stand up!”  I did so, and Mummy pulled her knickers right up around my waist and adjusted their knicker-gusset until she was satisfied it was fitting properly.  Mummy then made a tent around my little dicky and wrapping her hand around the silken shaft, slowly began to wank me.

Mummy had been masturbating me into my nappies for several years, and it was something that I had enjoyed since I could remember, but being wanked into a pair of Mummy’s directoire knickers was beyond my wildest dreams and made me tremble and shudder with pure lust.  My breathing became laboured and my eyes started to roll.  I began to buck my hips against Mummy’s thrusting hand.  Mummy knew I was not far from squirting, and she slowed her rubbing of my dicky.  She lowered her head and whispered into my ear, “Do you have something to ask Mummy, my little sissy boy?”

I nodded and gasped, “Mummy, please Mummy, may this sissy boy squirt his sissy cream into your lovely, silky knickers, Mummy, please Mummy”.  My stiff dicky was aching to squirt, and my legs were weak and trembling.

“Of course you may, sissy darling”, said Mummy, and she quickened the strokes up and down my dicky, until with a moaning gasp, I gushed and squirted my cream into the silken folds of her knickers.  On and on it squirted more that ever before, and I swayed against her.  When my excitement had subsided a bit, Mummy finished pulling those directoire knickers over my waist so that the cum-soaked knicker-gusset was pulled high up into my groin and in the crack between my bum cheeks.  Then she slipped my dress over my head and smoothed it down, fussing with the collar, and re-tying the sash around my waist into a big bow.

“There my sissy, wasn’t that a nice squirty?  Now, I think that you are now old enough to have your own big girls’ underwear, so tomorrow we will go to town and buy you some proper-fitting directoire knickers”.

At that, I snuggled into Mummy’s bosom, and a tear started to run down my cheek.  I was exhausted, and crying from sheer happiness.  I felt so contented to have discovered some of the joys of directoire knickers.

That night I slept very well, and in the morning had only wet my nappies once while dreaming about Mummy masturbating me into her precious knickers.

The next day, Mummy took me to town as she had promised.  Life went on to reveal many further surprises.  But all of that is for later chapters!


(Written by Richard, under the close supervision of Aunty Rosemarie)

This lifestyle seems unlikely in this day and age, but in some areas of Britain in the 40/50s, supposedly unusual methods of upbringing were quite commonplace behind closed doors.  For many boys it was to control their bad behaviour, and for others, perhaps because their mum wanted a girl.  However, the actual situation was very real, and stemmed from a combination of events, the most dramatic being a very real wartime calamity.

I wonder if the other Knicker-Sissies reading this are able to tell us about their experiences.  Do let us know, please.  Your identity will be kept secret, of course.