Knickers in the Mirror


(Recounted by Terry, and edited by Rosemarie)

It was to be party-time that evening.  Terry was having some friends around for a meal and drinks, – quite a few friends, and so Sally had come over in the early afternoon to help with the preparations.

Sally was a really good long-time friend of his.  He found her to be tremendous fun and great looking too.  The eye contact between them told him it was something special; they locked onto each other!  So far though, the relationship had been purely platonic; a ‘peck-on-the-cheek for birthdays’ kind of thing.

He was sad about this because he was really fond of her.  He detected something in her that said she could go with any good-fun thing with a friend and that she could easily understand and join in with the fun!  But he could not bring himself to do anything to change the relationship.  He spent quite some time dreaming of what they could do together!

Sally was also aware of the chemistry and potential between them but knew he was a quiet type of person.  She believed that underneath it all that she would probably have to lead things on.

For the visit, Sally deliberately left off the jeans-and-t-shirt type clothes and dressed in a short black skirt and a white blouse.  She knew from previous occasions that he was not inattentive to her body and this was definitely an opportunity not to be missed.  She was also very aware herself of how her clothes made her feel good and displayed her body to others.  She frequently studied herself in the mirror and saw how her pantees showed off her lovely bottom and how they moulded quite perfectly over the mound of her sex.

In the past she had noticed him quietly studying her breasts and she knew from “girlie comparisons” and other games with her room-mates at school, that her breasts and nipples were “outstanding”!

After dressing, she let her hands linger on the front of her pantees and thought of the day to come.  She pressed gently on her mound; moving her fingers over the satin-like material and through to her hot sex.  She thought of him and what it would feel like if it were his hand there.  But then she realised it was time to fly.

Their plan was that she would stay over after the party, using the spare room.  After she arrived, she put her bag in there, and hung up her long party dress.

After making sure the food and drinks were organised it came down to preparing the place.  Sally lifted a pile of laundry from the kitchen and took it through to his bedroom.  As she put it on the dresser her attention was drawn to the chair.  Going closer she saw some wonderful shimmering material there, and gently fingered it.  She lifted one article up and spread it out in front of her.  ‘It’ was in fact a pair of lovely, ladies knickers!  They had marvellous side panels stretching from the front right around the sides; two small tucks of the shiny material completed the inside legs.  And they had a double-panelled knicker gusset which extended right up the back.  There were several pairs of these lovely knickers, all in different colours and materials: nylon, rayon, cotton; all of lovely pastel shades.  She wondered who they could possibly be for??

As she dreamed, she gently touched her breasts with her fingertips and she slowly ‘pointed’ her nipples.  She had quietly done this many times since arriving, and with good effect.  Her nipples showed through her well-fitting blouse and she could see that they did not go without notice by him!

Still in the bedroom, she checked herself in the mirror.  She undid another button on her blouse.  The thin material was still firm across her breasts but showed rather more of her cleavage.  It would also look good when she reached over to him!

She looked again at the knickers.  They were brand new, with superb colouring.  And there on the floor by the chair she saw the delivery papers – with his name on them!!  She thought about how she could have a lot of fun here!

She picked up a pair of the silky knickers and lifted them close to her.  She took in the delicious scent from the shiny pink material.  It was beautiful.  She reached under her skirt and, for the second time that day, she slowly caressed her mound through her pantees.   For the next few minutes she pleasured herself with her well-practiced fingers, and allowed a few plans to form in her mind.

Later, as Sally worked around the house she made sure that her skirt was hitched up whenever she reached for things.  She could see that he was looking – “He’s trying to guess what I am wearing underneath,” she thought.  “Good”.  She was slim and lithe, and made much use of this.  She kept her legs straight when she bent over and reached down, thus revealing tantalising views of her stocking-tops and her pantees.  At other times she squatted right down and rested her arms on her thighs, making sure that her knees were apart so he would be tempted to have a good look between her legs at her pantees.

When they had just about finished their work they both wound up in the kitchen.  It was a warm day and they had been drinking lots of iced-water.  They had both cast off their shoes; he was barefoot, and Sally worked in her stockinged feet.

As Sally finally cleared the worktop, he crouched to get some glasses out of a low cupboard beside her.  He was wearing a t-shirt and chinos.  Underneath he wore a pair of lovely silky rayon directoire knickers.

No, they were not the wisest choice for him to wear doing these chores, but his new knickers had only just arrived in the mail that Saturday morning, and, well, he just could not resist trying them on!  With Sally’s sudden arrival he had not had a chance to change out of them.  But his wonderful knickers also felt so good ‘underneath’, particularly with Sally being in the house, that he had not slipped away to take them off.

They were an ample size for him, and gently clinging, too.  They were white, and lovely, and shiny.  He could feel the elastic around his waist and at his legs, just above his knees.  The wonderful new knickers were really feeling ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ all over him and he could not bear to take them off!

During their work to get the house ready they had frequent breaks to talk about how to arrange this or that for the party.  He would stand looking into Sally’s lovely blue eyes and put his hands in his pockets.  There he could feel the silkiness of his precious directoire knickers.  With just small, gentle movements of his hands touching the smooth material covering the tops of his thighs, his gently throbbing penis remained firm in his grasp.

He was sure that Sally did not notice him feeling his knickers, and he did it more often as time went on.

During their chats, he looked at her lovely firm breasts, her sexy, gently-rounded tummy, and continued to feel his lovely silky knickers.  Depending on the light, he could see the little shadows cast by her nipples, and they seemed to be erect all afternoon!  All this increased the stirring in the soft folds of his knickers.  He tried hard not to stare at her breasts as they talked, and pretended to look at the floor, although this allowed him to study her short black skirt and long slim legs.  “What does she have on under that skirt?”, he wondered.

Sally, wickedly, could see the effect she was having on him; how his eyes darted from her breasts to her face and then lowered to the floor.  She could also see the effect on him by the bulge of his trousers, and, thinking of the lovely underwear in his bedroom, she wondered what he was wearing underneath!

As he bent down next to Sally he risked a glance up towards her.  She was leaning over the worktop and he could see right up her skirt.  He saw her gorgeous, brown-stockinged thighs, and her stocking-tops held up by lots of sexy, white suspenders with shiny metal clips.  He could not see much of them though, as her knickers almost covered the tops.

Just then, Sally, who had been waiting for an opportunity such as this, looked over and saw what he was doing!

She stared intently at him with a severe look on her face, and he was forced to bring his gaze from the sight of her wonderful knickers to her eyes.  She thought, “Now, I think, is the time to strike”.

His waistband had slipped down over his shiny knickers.  And his t-shirt was hitched up his back.  This gave her a wonderful display of a pair of elasticated knickers.

She slowly leaned over and stroked the displayed area of silky directoire knickers with the back of her fingers.

“Well, what is all this?”, she said.  She pinched a bit of his knicker-elastic between her fingers and pulled a little more out of his chinos.  Her fingers went under the tunnelled elastic top and stroked it side-to-side.  “This feels very fine, it’s beautifully shiny,” she said very slowly.  “But I repeat: what is it?”  She let his knicker-elastic snap gently back onto his waist to emphasise the question.

He immediately dropped to his knees and stuttered, “Oh, uh, mmmm, they are something I just thought I’d try.  They’re, they’re, er, directoire knickers”.

He had difficulty speaking.  He had been caught looking up her skirt, and now she had found him wearing a pair of women’s knickers, long, silky directoire knickers.  What made it worse for him was that she now stood right above him with her legs apart.  He could not avoid looking up and seeing her stocking-tops and knickers.

“They are what?  Direct-what?” she said.  She knew what he was looking at right then, and she rested her hands on her hips.  Now she could slowly ride her skirt even higher up her thighs, so that he could more clearly see her lovely silky pantees with their fascinating and appealing, long, diamond-shaped pantee-gusset.  “This, I think, we will have to investigate,” she continued.  She grabbed the back of his chinos and hauled him upright.

He turned to her, his face crimson with embarrassment, gulped, and quietly murmured, “Look, they’re ladies knickers, ok?  I just wanted to try them.  They arrived today and I tried them on, and I, sort of, forgot to take them off”.

She slowly changed her mock stern expression to a smile and said, “Oh yes, indeed, you ‘sort of forgot’ did you?  Is that what you’ve been feeling in your pants?”  She grinned, “And I thought that it was because you were pleased to see me!”

“I was, - I am, - really.  It’s just that, well, these feel, sort of, tremendous,” he stammered, not knowing quite what else to say.

They feel sort of tremendous?”  Her eyes widened with real interest.  I do think I need to know more, don’t you?” she said thoughtfully.

He shrugged, somewhat confused.  “Well, yes, ok.  But what do you mean?”

Sally pretended to be puzzled and thoughtfully put a finger to her lips.  She looked around and said, “A big mirror, we need a big mirror.  There’s one in the bathroom, isn’t there?  I think we should both see.  Follow me.  Oh, and bring that ice water.”

Sally led him across the hall into the bathroom where they faced the big upright mirror on the opposite wall.  She stood behind him, looking over his shoulder towards the mirror.

“Nope, we’re too close, not enough view.  Come back”.

They moved back a little.  He remained in front, facing the mirror.  Sally was behind him with her back comfortably against wall.  They had a full-length view of themselves, - mostly of him, - in the mirror.

Slowly, looking in the mirror, watching for her effect on him, she reached around in front of him.  She lifted his t-shirt off and cast it away.  She then unfastened his trousers, and they both watched as they dropped down and he kicked them away.  There before them they saw the reflection of him, quite naked but for his beautiful new knickers, which shimmered exquisitely, and stretched from their elasticated waist down to their perfectly gathered, elasticated knicker-legs just above his knees.

Reaching up from behind, she put a hand on each of his shoulders.  “Wow, you certainly weren’t wearing those under your shorts when we played squash on Thursday, were you?” she said, staring at his lovely knickers.

They did look really good.  They had a tunnelled-elastic waist and long, elasticated legs.  They were good-fitting, and showed his underlying shape.  The diffuse sunshine in the bathroom made the scene in the mirror look clear and really exciting.

“Well let’s see if they feel as good as they look,” she said.

With both of them mesmerised by the mirror image she slipped her hand down his back, past the elasticated waist, over his smooth knickers, and onto his smooth, knickers-covered bum.

“Mmmm, that does feel good,” she said.  They looked at the picture show opposite and she whispered, “It must feel wonderful to wear a pair of women’s silky knickers.  What are they like for the fine detail, I wonder?”

He wondered what she meant.  She slid her hand further around over the knickers at his rear and found the place between his cheeks.  She pressed the material into his soft and warm groove and slid her hand up and down and found his deepest part.  Her hand settled there and began slowly stroking with her fingertips.  Pressing through the knickers she was right over his button and, ever so slowly, stroked more and more firmly.

Her other hand slowly dropped down his front till it was at the top of his lovely knickers.

They gazed at the mirror and she whispered “So what kind of knickers did you say these were?  Are they called directoire knickers?”

“They’re directoire-style knickers.  Bloomers to you!”  He stuttered.

She burst out in laughter.  “Well, bloomers to you, too!” and she plucked the elastic waist away at his front and let it slap back.  They both giggled but continued to stare, fascinated by the images of the two people in the mirror.

She continued with the fingers of her right hand at his rear.  Through the mirror they could see it was having a marked effect inside the front of his knickers.

Taking her hand from his rear she reached to the water and took out a big lump of ice.  She returned her hand to its place and pressed the ice over the knickers and into the groove.  The ice was a stinging shock but had a strong arousing effect on him.

Talking to the mirror, she quietly said, “What have we got inside your knickers there?”  She ever so slowly stroked her other hand down the front of his knickers to his upstanding erection.  As they watched through the mirror she edged his very stiff cock further and further down until it stood out fully from his body.  The mirror showed the wonderful shimmering of his white knickers as they stretched out in front.  She shaped the silky shiny material of his knickers over his stiff, throbbing penis, and they seemed to amplify the size of his superb, big cock.  He shuddered as her fingers worked at the front of his knickers and the ice cube pressed into his rear.

She firmly grasped his penis through his ever-so-silky knickers and slowly moved her hand away from him.  Knickers and foreskin moved out to cover his cock-end.  And then, just as slowly, she brought it back again, his foreskin was withdrawn and the loose knickers trailed over his knob-end.  She continued these slow strokes, and sometimes she gently pushed his erection down so that its end was stroked by the knickers as it moved outwards.  They watched all this through the view in the mirror, and could see wet streaks on his knickers caused by droplets leaking from the end of his cock.

He pushed his hips forward, seeking ever more satisfaction and longing to cum in his knickers.  Sally felt hot all over and overjoyed with her efforts.  She was astounded and thrilled by the vision in the mirror and by the wonderful handful she was slowly manipulating.  She continued with her slow movements and refused to give him a quick end.  The more he pressed forward the slower she stroked him.  She pushed her body hard up against him and rubbed her firm breasts against his back as she gazed in the mirror.  Her sensitive nipples were stiff and tingling as they moved against him, which sent ecstatic signals to her aching vagina which was hot, wet, and swelling excitingly in her lovely pantees.  She was almost overwhelmed by the amazing feelings of power and desire.

They looked at the couple pictured on the other wall, writhing in the throes of love, and felt themselves thrill with the touch of their wonderful intimacy.

Sally thrust her hips at his thigh, slowly but strongly.  She parted her legs so that her mound rubbed perfectly against his hips, and she gasped at the power of her arousal in her favourite panteesRed-faced, she felt her sex-juices oozing from her swollen lips and felt faint with pleasure.

Slowly he reached around and found her thigh through her thin skirt.  She felt his hand stroke her sensitive body and was overjoyed to feel his gentle touch.  He pushed his hand against her thrusting thighs and eased her skirt up so that he could reach beneath it.  He could then feel the tops of her stockings and her suspenders which made him tremble with excitement, and his cock pulsed and throbbed in her hand.  He slowly moved his hand up until he felt her sex mound under her pantees, and felt that she was very, very wet and exquisitely warm and desirable.  With her skirt eased up to her waist they could then see in the mirror, her beautiful pink pantees snugly over her mound.  The lovely short, sexy cuffs of her pantees were just covering the tops of her legs, and they were trimmed with sweet little circles of white lace.  Her lovely pantees looked incredibly lovable and kissable and he vowed to see much more of them as soon as he secretly could!

He slipped his hand under one of the cuffs and carefully sought the source of her wetness.  She had soft, juicy, and fleshy lips, with wonderfully soft hair around them.  He stroked her sex, and then slid his fingers between her wet lips.  He slowly and gently eased a finger deep inside her and she gasped sexily.  She thrust even harder towards him.  He moved his fingers to her little button at the top of her hot lips and she shuddered with desire.  He stroked her there and she gently rubbed against his hand.  He could hear her breathing become faster and deeper.

She kept his cock tightly in her grasp through his knickers and slowly slid her fingers back and forth.  Behind him, her other hand almost forced the ice through his knickers and into him.  They slowly rocked back and forth, locked together almost as one.  They gazed at the couple in the mirror.  They quivered together and almost buckled at the knees as they felt themselves reach their unstoppable movements toward orgasm.

Suddenly he thrust and exploded into his knickers while his rigid pulsating penis was firmly held out by Sally, and she felt surge after surge coming through it.  In the picture, a huge wet patch developed across the lovely white shininess of his knickers, and as she felt him pump out into the knickers she gasped as she herself reached her peak.  Her juices suddenly flowed over his fingers onto her pantees, and her hips involuntarily rocked back and forth against him.  Slowly their orgasms slowed and then ceased, and they clasped each other, leaning against the wall, panting like animals.  They watched the couple in the picture relax into each other’s arms.  Then their eyes closed and they gently stroked one another.

Sally looked across and slowly whispered, “Wow, they are some knickers!  Do you see how much juice you’ve put on them?”

He looked across and studied the view.  “Have you looked at your knickers, too?” he quietly said, “Can you see how much you’ve wet yourself in your lovely pink pantees?”

They both gazed at what had happened to the couple in the mirror, and the juicy consequences of their love-making.  Sally smiled, and pretending to know nothing of his collection of lovely, silky directoire knickers that she had discovered in his bedroom, she said, “Well, you sure had better have some more of these wonderful directoire knickers for both of us tonight, and I shall be thinking of these knickers all evening!”

He laughed and gently stroked her sex through her wet pantees.  “Of course I have, Sally dear.  They are such wonderful, sexy, kissable knickers, and you even have a choice of colours.  I’m going to really enjoy watching you tonight in your long, long dress, and it will be so wonderful to know which of my knickers you are wearing underneath it.”

After the party?  Well, that is a story to cum ................. !