My First Encounter with Wonderful Directoire Knickers

(A true story written by Charles, with guidance from Rosemarie)

When I was in my last year at school some new neighbours arrived.  It was a couple with baby twins, and the wife, who was younger than her farm worker husband, became very friendly with my mother, who used to look after the twins.  At that age I was very interested and inquisitive about girls and noticed that as Irene bent over to attend to the twins, her rather short dress rode up at the back.  I was intrigued to see the elasticated legs of her white or sometimes pale blue knickers.  These knickers were similar to those that my mother wore, and I later discovered that they were called directoire knickers. 
The regular sightings of her knicker-legs were very interesting, and stirred me a bit, but as she was at least 11 years older than me her knickers remained just a lovely sight each time.  Or so I thought!

After a few years the couple moved on for various reasons, although Irene continued to call in about twice a week.  I was growing up and noticed that she was becoming more attractive to me, blossoming all around with a very good figure and lovely curvy legs.  Her dresses were still short, but with no babies to cause her to bend over for, there was little chance to see those lovely knickers.  However, we became much friendlier and I was eager to know her better, but family restrictions held me back until one day she asked me to have a look at her faulty radio.  So the next evening I went and did what was necessary to restore the radio, after which she made a pot of tea.  I found myself standing behind her and instinctively put my arms around her.  Suddenly I was cupping her breasts in my hands, and discovered that they were ever so soft and pliable.  She didn’t resist, but just said that I shouldn’t do that, and then she turned so that I could kiss her!  Afterwards, as we sat there with our tea, my dick was so huge that she clearly appeared to observe the bulge in my trousers.  Then, when I left, she said I could kiss her again, so I knew that she felt my big, hard dick pressing against her.

I put that occasion down to a one-off very good experience, so was very surprised when on the following Friday at our house she took the opportunity to lean over and say quietly, “Come to my house on Monday at about half past seven”.  I couldn’t wait for Monday to come and on the dot I rang the bell.  I was very happy to see her wearing a lovely tight dress which showed her figure to the best advantage.  She made tea, and we sat and talked just like a courting couple until it was time for me to leave.  I took her in my arms, kissed her and held her tightly.  My hard dick pressed hard against her body, and then she reached down to hold it through my trousers.

I quickly said, “Would you like to hold it?”

She nodded, and I undid myself.  Her hand was inside in a flash, and searching for the little entrance to my underpants in almost desperation.  By now I had pulled her dress up and could feel the silkiness of her directoire knickers, and through them the warmth of her body.  I explored further, and felt the mysterious outlines of her stocking-tops and suspenders.

I whispered softly, “What colour are your lovely knickers?”

“Ah,” she said, with a little tremble.  “I’m wearing white knickers”.  There was no time for anything else as her stroking of my dick produced the inevitable result, and suddenly her lovely knickers were no longer all white but had become cream where my gushing spurts had landed!  After we had relaxed a bit I wiped her dry, and she murmured, “I wonder if that was twins!”

I was invited to visit her again on the following Friday, and then again the next Monday.  Each time, I felt the outlines of her warm body through her dress, her slip, her bra, her lovely tearose corsets, and those fabulous white, pale blue, or some other of her many pastel coloured directoire knickers.  On one occasion she was wearing a pair of green knickers, and said that I had bought them for her.  I had not known at the time, but remembered mother saying we ought to give her a Christmas present and that I could pay for it.  It seems that I had given her a pair of gorgeous, pale green directoire knickers!

Then came the time when she got my dick out, fondled it, and said, “Can I have it here?”  She opened her legs and guided it towards her secret place.

I was scared and said, “You might have a baby”.

I got the reply “Well, you can control yourself, can’t you?”

I had no idea about that because I had never had to think about it.  In my masturbation sessions it was all just let go.  Now I saw why tonight she had forsaken her lovely, all-enveloping directoire knickers for a pair of pink, silky nylon French knickers.

She guided my dick up the wide leg of her knickers and onto her cunt, and I felt for the first time the warm, soft wonder of a woman’s cunt.  She didn’t want my fingers there, but just my great big cock which she grasped strongly.  She squeezed it so hard that I had to gasp, “Not too much or I shall come now”.  So she relaxed her grip and slowly I slid it all the way in to where it belonged, that unique, warm, welcoming place which is so perfectly designed for it and which it can never get enough of.  My heart was thumping as I let it get settled and then I began to move it about until I could feel that my balls were beginning to tell me that it wouldn’t be long before I exploded my cum, so I pulled my dick out and let the lovely, warm, creamy, stream squirt and gush over her tummy.  It was a truly wonderful orgasm, and it took me quite a while before I recovered from the wonderful experience.

When we had cleaned and dried our sex parts, she put on a fresh pair of knickers.  She chose to wear a pair of our favourite, white, directoire knickers.

Then she asked, “Was I the first?”

I said that she was my first ever, and she was glad because she wanted to be my first woman.

On the way home I realised that I could be into a problem, but never mind, life was very good.

So began a pattern of Monday and Friday evenings when we would indulge in our love play.

On one amusing occasion when we were lying on the rug in front of the fire, I felt something cold on my backside.  I froze, and Irene wanted to know what the matter was.

“It’s your dog sniffing.”

“Keep very still,” she said, grinning!  “Or you may be at the hospital with dog’s teeth marks on your bollocks, or worse”.

Luckily he moved away and we continued our love-making until I felt myself going to come.  But this time she held on to me, and I had to fight to get my dick out.  As we lay there panting, I asked her why she had held on, because she could well have had a baby.

“As long as it’s yours I wouldn’t mind”, she said.

I would have minded, though.  But the thrill and the demands of my dick and her cunt overcame all reservations.  We continued to shag each other as if there was no tomorrow, and over the weeks I enjoyed undressing her more and more.  Then, one evening we lay together in all our newborn wonder.  Looking at each other’s naked bodies, we stroked, caressed and kissed until our passions rose to the point where we could wait no longer, and my dick plunged into what by now was its most desirable of homes.  Our orgasms were wild and dramatic, and we very often exploded perfectly together.

Sometimes I would ask Irene to just take off her dress and slip so that I could feast my eyes on the sight of her lying there with her lovely breasts lovingly held in a nice satin bra, her exciting tea rose corsets, and, showing through the smoothness of her lovely directoire knickers, her desirable stocking-tops and suspenders.  I was and still am very excited by the sight and feel of nice underwear on a shapely girl.  I love to see her underwear giving a hint of the wonders below, but not revealing too much.  Running my hands over her silky rayon or nylon-covered body makes me very excited until soon her strong, sexy suspenders can be undone, her bra loosened, and her corset busk unclasped to expose her warm, soft flesh, waiting to be caressed and held and kissed all over.  Sometimes we would pet and make love with our underwear on, later untangling ourselves to lie together in drowsy quietness.

Once I was so aroused that it was difficult to hold back and I tried to get through her silky nylon knickers, but she stopped me and said, “Why don’t you take them off?”  She raised her buttocks to let me pull her knickers down.  When I had slowly and lovingly taken off her beautiful directoire knickers, and lovingly kissed them, she spread her legs wide to let me see her very, very wet cunt looking at my long hard cock, and at me.  My stiff, aching cock went in very, very easily that time, and shot out his biggest load ever, such are the wondrous effect of a woman’s beautiful cunt on a randy man!.

Irene noticed that the sight of her in her underwear excited me very much.  One day she explained how sometimes her corsets could become a little uncomfortable, and to help me to understand she began to put her still warm corsets around me, telling me to pull my stomach in so that she could do up the busk and the two little fasteners beneath.  Her corsets were certainly all-enclosing and restrictive, but oh, so sexy, and very arousing.  So arousing that my cock, which was already on heat, got even bigger, if that was possible!  Then she carefully put her stockings on my legs and fastened all of the eight suspenders.  She playfully smacked my bottom and asked how I liked it.  I liked it very much.  To complete the picture she held up her lovely, silky directoire knickers and teased me with them.  She carefully arranged them, as if putting them on, and then, to my utter surprise she told me that I was to have her knickers on!  I was too shocked to protest, and easily complied with her wishes.  Between us we carefully put my stockinged feet into their elasticated legs, but there was quite a struggle to get their elasticated waistband over my rampant dick.  However, she definitely enjoyed putting her knickers on me and stared at them with a look of aroused pleasure on her lovely face.  My dick was almost bursting by now and she got hold of it through her knickers and started to play with it; or rather stroke it.  By now I was dancing and writhing with desire, but she continued to tease it, really enjoying herself, until at last her lovely directoire knickers were slowly pulled down allowing my dick to burst out in all his glory.  She guided it towards its new home, but as she did so it burst forth in all its glory and explosively covered her in loads of lovely creamy sperm.  She immediately and very carefully gathered it on her fingers, and stroked it all over and into her already very wet cunt.  Then she lay back to enjoy her fantasies while I gazed lovingly at her wonderful cunt.  She found a pair of already used pink silky knickers and put them on, and we lay together, knickers to knickers, for a long relaxing time. 

We continued to shag our way through those long winter nights and it was a very good and happy time.

She taught me some wonderful things about girls, and she enjoyed herself immensely.