Aunty Rosemarie's Directoire Knickers

Aunty Rosemarie's birthday fell on a lovely sunny day in mid-April.

That day, her 'adopted' nephew, Paul, arrived on his bicycle at her large country cottage, to stay for a few days over the Easter holidays.

He looked hot and tired as he had ridden about 30 miles, and so after he had left his shoes and outdoor clothes in the scullery, she took him upstairs for a relaxing bath.

She had decided that he must rest in bed afterwards, before enjoying the nice meal that she was preparing for him.

"Go and undress," she instructed, "while I run your bath".

Aunty Rosemarie prepared things, set the water running, and went to the spare bedroom, which adjoined her own bedroom, where Paul was to sleep.

She noticed that he had just started to remove his clothes.

She then turned her attention to the long row of her directoire knickers airing on the line along the side of the bedroom.  After a moment’s thought she decided that Paul would probably not even notice them.  He had not seemed to notice her knickers on his last visit.  'But so what if he does notice my lovely knickers,' she mused, flushing a little at her erotic thoughts.  'Well, I am certainly not going to all the effort needed to hang so many of my knickers somewhere else, so there they will have to stay; after all, he is almost like part of the family.  I refuse to disrupt my little habits and rituals, and he will just have to go along with things as I like them'.

She went to turn off the water in the bathroom, and returned to open back the bedclothes.

"Come along, Paul dear, I told you to undress for a bath".  She spoke sharply, as Paul was still standing waiting with his vest and shorts still on.

Paul’s Aunt Rosemarie was rather a bossy woman, but he had always liked her a lot, even if he had to be on his best behaviour at her house.  On his last visit, he had been rather cheeky to the Grocer in the village store.  Also, his ball had broken a pane of glass in a friend's greenhouse, and she had paid to have it renewed.  She had firmly assured him that she was determined that no such things would happen ever again.  He was solemnly warned that if something did occur, then he would be severely punished.  

Little did he know how much, but she was determined to keep him in his place, and one way to do that was to keep him well disciplined and obedient from the outset.  She liked men and boys, but she also liked to keep them well under her thumb, confused and guessing!

Paul turned red at the thought of being undressed in front of her.

"I'm waiting, Paul.”  His Aunty stood, hands on hips as he still hesitated, and he was going redder by the second.  Not a word was spoken by either of them while he visibly squirmed with embarrassment, and she stared straight at his face.

Eventually, trembling with emotion, he undid his belt, and removed his shorts.

He looked up, his face bright red, and he saw that she was staring directly at his white underpants with a determined look in her eyes.  "There, that was easy, dear.  Now I want you to take off your underpants for me.  Come along, Aunty has seen a man without his underpants, before".

She smiled to herself, very much enjoying his predicament.  Nobody really realised just how much she secretly loved to erotically tease and humiliate men.  She knew how devastatingly shameful she could make them feel with very little effort on her part, and she felt very excited that she had this young man to tease, torment, humiliate and punish, for the whole of the Easter Holidays.

What an exciting birthday present she had invited for herself!

Paul's squirming and embarrassment was thrilling her to bits, and by holding her gaze on his white underpants, she prolonged her pleasures for several minutes while poor Paul struggled with his awful dilemma.  Then, without bothering to hide much of her secret emotions, which felt all too obvious in her voice, she quietly suggested, "Would you like your Aunty to take down your nice underpants for you, my dear, and such lovely white underpants they are, too".

Paul was clearly much too confused and embarrassed to reply, so she squatted down and put her fingers seductively into the elastic waistband of his underpants and slowly, ever so slowly, started to lower them.  She stopped and stared at his face for a moment before her gaze returned to his underpants.  He trembled visibly as she moved his underpants slowly down, deliberately only by an inch at a time.  By the time his penis popped out it was already half erect and starting to pulse and twitch as she looked at it.  Slowly she moved his pants down over his visibly trembling legs, but her eyes were closely watching his rapidly hardening penis.  “Take your underpants right off, dear,” Her voice was soft and sexy.  In a daze, he did as he was told, and handed them to her.  His hands immediately went to cover his penis.  "Don't be ashamed of it, dear, but you may hide it with your hands if you wish," and she looked up at him.  It was then that she saw that his eyes were staring intently between her casually parted knees.

She slowly looked down at herself and saw that one of her elasticated knicker-legs was clearly exposed to him.  She was not quite sure how far up her knickered thighs he could see, but only very slowly did she begin to close her legs before standing up again.

And not before Paul had stared in utter adoration at her pale-pink, silky rayon knicker-leg where its wonderful, puckered knicker-elastic was firmly but gently gripping her brown-stockinged thigh.  The sight had an immediate effect on his whole body and mind.  His face reddened even more, and he felt strange and dizzy, trembling all over as his penis throbbed into a new life of its own, and completely out of his control.  It stiffened, quickly filling his hands, and pointed outwards towards his Aunty as if all it ever wanted to do was slip gently under her wonderful, silky, pink knicker-elastic, and be forever gripped firmly onto her warm, silky-smooth, brown-stockinged thigh.
Aunty Rosemarie, flushed with secret excitement, observed all of this with intense interest, but she said nothing.  Naturally, she and her lady friends already knew everything about the strange and wonderfully arousing powers of directoire knickers over all those who loved them. But she was surprised to see Paul's stiff penis bursting out of his hands at the sight of her knicker-leg, for he had shown little evidence of noticing her knickers before, even though she seldom got fully dressed until mid-morning.

Each day until her first Corsetry Client arrived, she liked to walk about the house and garden doing her chores whilst wearing only a thin cotton pinny over her brassiére, corsets, stockings and knickers. 

At other times, she and many other local women often wore just a cardigan over their underwear.  They generally referred to this casual style of home dress as, ‘cardi and knickers’.

And except during the hotter weather, she and most of her clients and friends always wore their much-loved directoire knickers.

She chose her silky rayon or nylon knickers in warm weather, and her beautiful, soft cotton directoire knickers on the colder days of winter.  Whenever they took her fancy, she often wore a pair of her stretch-nylon knickers, or sometimes a pair of her soft, sexy, fancy-knit cotton knickers, or indeed, any other of her beautiful knickers she chose from those that she had collected over the years.  She liked to wear white or pastel-coloured directoire knickers and she insisted that her knickers always fitted her perfectly.

On witnessing the dramatic effects she was having on Paul when he saw her exposed knickers, Aunty Rosemarie decided that in future, each time she heard Paul coming down for breakfast in the mornings, she ought to remember to put on one of her white nylon petticoats over her knickers.  But she smiled to herself, for she knew that she would seldom remember to do so until much too late to avoid him seeing her undressed to her knickers! 

Aunty Rosemarie took Paul's hand and led him from the room, smiling to herself at his awful naked predicament.  She looked down and saw that his other  hand was gripping his erect penis in confused and embarrassed desperation.  She wondered if he had ever had a girlfriend.

Wicked ideas filled her mind as she guided him towards the bath.  She decided that it was time for her to find out if he really was as aroused by the knickers of an older woman as she believed.

That would mean that the time for her to use him for her entertainment and pleasure was approaching even more quickly than she’d imagined.

She would also watch for an excuse or a reason to punish him, and thus get him entirely under her spell.

She was going to enjoy twisting him around her little finger, and making him fulfil her every need.

As she left the room, she allowed the door to remain slightly ajar.  When she returned a few minutes later to peep at him, she tingled all over with excitement as her trembling nephew was laying back in the bath and playing with his very stiff penis.  Even as she watched, his penis seemed to grow larger, and she marvelled how such an average-sized young man could have such a long, large, penis.

While she watched him, she stroked her brassiére and felt her nipples stiff with mounting arousal.

A distinct tingling in her pink knickers was further evidence of her readiness for some erotic fun, and teasing him with her knickers was an ideal way to start.

Whilst he was bathing, she carefully re-arranged her knickers on the airing line in his room so that they were precisely and equally spaced.  She made a mental note of them all.  In her bedroom she prised out some soft packing from around a water pipe that passed through the wall to her hand basin.  She was then easily able to see most of Paul's room from the spyhole close by his bed.

Next she removed her outer clothes, and her corset.  She opened out one of her more severe back-lacing corsets, and laced it on as tight as she could.  It was her favourite short white corset, which came down to only the top of her bum-cheeks, thus seeming to thrust her bum-cheeks out to make her knickered bottom appear even more gorgeous when she looked in the many mirrors around her house.

That corset made her feel very upright and poised, like a severe Schoolmistress.  It had eight, long, and very strong, wide suspenders, the feel of which she particularly enjoyed as she walked elegantly about the house.  After rubbing her breasts awhile, she put on a nice white brassiére.  She took down her knickers and carefully attached her suspenders to her stocking-tops.  She'd earlier chosen a pair of her favourite cream rayon knickers, and as always, she held them to her face for a moment.  Then she carefully stepped into them, sighing happily as she pulled them properly up into their place on her waist, and then settled their knicker-gusset gently up between her legs.

As she reached into her wardrobe she heard Paul pass her door, and enter his room.  She pulled out the various paddles, whips and canes that she had many times felt on her own knickered bottom over the years, and often with her knickers taken down, too, and she laid them out beside her bed.

She admired herself at the mirror, and then had a look through her spyhole.

Just as she expected, Paul was still naked, and was fondling his erect penis as he gazed at the row of her knickers on the line, but they were as yet untouched.  She watched for a while and it was not really such a surprise to her when he put his hands up and unpegged a pair of her pink knickers.  She watched as he examined them inside, and his penis jerked and bobbed with his excitement.

But it was a big surprise to her when he held her knickers out and carefully stepped into them.  Slowly, and visibly trembling, he started to pull up her very own pink rayon knickers. 
She could hardly believe what she was looking at and gasped to herself, 'Yes, Paul, you do love your Aunty's knickers, don't you!'  For a while she watched as he played with his stiffness through her knickers, and she became aware that she too was rubbing herself through her knickers.  Why did she find it so erotic?  Was it that he was now going to be under her control?  Or maybe it was already time to spank him, or even cane him.

Mmmm, that's what she would do, and she rubbed her vagina with excitement till it felt hot and moist in her knickers.  She would punish him with a good spanking, and maybe even force him to wear her knickers while she did so.  She could pretend to be annoyed with him for touching her precious personal knickers.  Her face was flushed with excitement for already she had good reason to punish him!

Very reluctantly, she stopped rubbing her knicker-gusset, and looked at herself blushing in the mirror.  She drew herself together, carefully checked over her corset, and titivated her fresh, cream knickers.  She then crept to his door, and listened.

She drew a deep breath and quickly opened the door.

"Oh, you're here," she gasped, feigning surprise, "You were very quiet, Paul".  Then she feigned shock.  "Oh Paul!  Whatever are you doing with Aunty's knickers, you naughty boy?"

Poor Paul was absolutely shattered.  He didn’t know what to do with himself, and wished the floor would swallow him up.  Where could he go?  How could escape her relentless, forbidding, accusing stare?

It was obvious to him that there was no escape, for his Aunty was fairly and squarely filling the doorway.  And then he realised, ------, oh heavens, she is undressed to her knickers, and, oh, they are different knickers to the ones she was wearing earlier.  She's changed her knickers!  Aunty has changed her dear knickers! 

The thought of Aunty Rosemarie actually changing her knickers struck poor Paul like a bombshell, even in his awful devastating personal dilemma.  'Aunty has been changing her knickers'.

Somehow, visualising that simple act, a woman's normal, everyday act of changing her knickers, shattered his mind even more than being caught wearing her knickers, and clearly masturbating in them.  'Aunty is wearing cream knickers now!'  His rigidly stiff penis throbbed solidly, forming a big ‘tent pole’ at the front of her knickers he was wearing, as his mind was filled with a wonderful image of his Aunty taking down her knickers, touching her own knickers, holding them up to look at, and all the things that he imagined that women did with their knickers in private.

Just then, his Aunty took a little pity on him, and stepping forward, she put her arm around him and pulled his head to her breast as is natural for a woman to do.

That simple act seemed almost to save Paul’s sanity, and he put his arm around her in a desperate need to hold her.  But it took him just an instant to be aware that his hand was on her knickers!  Then his other arm wrapped around her and he hugged her with enormous grateful passion, his hands feeling over her knickers with the desperate sort of passion that only a woman’s directoire knickers can draw forth from a man.

His knickered penis was digging her knickered thigh, and she put her hand down and grasped his penis very firmly, "Don't you dare to make my knickers wet, naughty boy," and she quickly pulled away from him, but she held on tightly to his long erect penis as if to control him.

Paul grimaced at her tight grip, but it was as much in surprise as it was pain.  But it also made his penis throb even stiffer in her hand, and he sobbed, "Please Aunty, it hurts ----!"

But Aunty Rosemarie was suddenly taken with a desire to hurt him, punish him for putting her personal knickers on, and without further thought she said, "Follow me".  However, she continued to hold his penis very tightly as she turned, and proceeded to drag the naughty boy along behind her.  Luckily for her, he had a nice long penis, and it was easy for her to hold it tightly as she moved slowly along the landing, easily dragging Paul along.  Paul's eyes were filling with tears of pain, surprise, and humiliation, but through the tears his eyes were fixed unwaveringly to his Aunty's wonderful cream-knickered bottom moving sexily before him, and even in those terribly confusing moments, he knew that he would hold that glorious vision in his mind forever.  He was in love with her knickers forever.

In her bedroom she sat on a chair, and with her hand still gripping his erection, she drew him closer.  "You must be punished for taking Aunty's knickers, Paul.  But first you must tell me why you took them.  Why do you want Aunty's knickers?  After all, they are Aunty's personal knickers, aren't they, dear?"  She looked at his red face, and saw that his tears were flooding his eyes.

"Go on, answer me," she demanded, and stared down at his big penis grasped in her hand.

There was silence from him as he was still gazing down at her silky cream knicker-legs, so she leaned down, and to Paul's horror, she gathered up a handful of whips canes and paddles.

"Now tell me about my knickers," and she whacked his bottom with a thin wooden paddle.

“Owoooh,” he cried.  “I'm sorry Aunty,” then he gasped as she squeezed his penis.  “I just wanted them, and had to have them,” and tears trickled from his eyes.

“Well, Paul.  You do not just take what you want, especially a lady's personal knickers”.

She paused to let her words sink in.  “Taking a lady's knickers can be very distressing for her, and so you must be punished for it.  I see you have already made wet marks in my best pink knickers, so you will keep them on for your punishment, and that should put you off ladies knickers for life”.

Even as she spoke the words, she realised that Paul was just discovering something about the incredible and enduring power of a woman's directoire knickers, and she was well aware that there was no cure from their effects on many women, and on many men, too.  She felt somewhat responsible for what had happened, as she should have removed her knickers from his room.  Nevertheless, Paul should not even have looked at her knickers, let alone touched them.  But for actually putting her knickers on, there was absolutely no excuse, and she would still punish him accordingly.


Aunty Rosemarie listened patiently to Paul's stammering excuses.  However, nothing made any real sense to her, so without more ado, she directed him to lay across her thighs, with his body on her bed.  Paul was far too upset, shamed, and confused to disobey his Aunty, and besides, her hand pulled his penis towards her position, and soon he was stretched over her thighs and her big double bed. 

Almost immediately he was in an ideal position to start spanking him with her right hand. 

“Smack!”  “Smack!”  “Smack!”  “Smack!”  Rosemarie smiled as she landed several light smacks on his bottom, and it seemed so strange to be smacking a pair of her own pink knickers.  It was very convenient having his long, stiff penis, poking down between her knickered legs to keep him from slithering off her, but what she did not fully realise was just how much 'poor' Paul was in a strange sort of heaven with his throbbing, rigid penis trapped in two pairs of Aunty’s silky knickers, and they were driving him wild with lust for his Aunty and her dear precious knickers. 

“Smack!”  “Smack!”  “Smack!”  “Smack!”  She continued.  “Smack!”  “Smack!”  “Smack!”  “Smack!”

Paul's penis was thrusting regularly at each increasingly harder smack, and his Aunty marvelled at how big it was becoming, and the weight of his testicles banging her thigh amazed her.

“Smack!”  “Smack!”  “Smack!”  “Smack!”  “Smack!”  “Smack!”  “Smack!”  “Smack!”  Soon her arm started tiring, so she rested for a moment before reaching for a suitable paddle.

“Whack!”  “Whack!”  “Whack!”  “Whack!”  “Here you are, my naughty knicker-boy,” she said as she whacked down on his bottom.  “Whack!”  “Whack!”  “Whack!”  “Whack!”  This time he started to cry out, as it hurt so much, “No Aunty, please Aunty, it hurts”.  He tried desperately to wriggle away, but she squeezed her knickered thighs tightly onto his long, stiff penis, so tightly that he could hardly move.  The stimulation from her knickers was keeping it so stiff that it was becoming increasingly impossible for him to pull away.  In desperation he put his hands back to try to stop her, but all he could touch was one of her stockinged knees on one side, and her corset on the other. 

She reached for her favourite cane, a medium length and very supple cane, the one that a former lover had regularly used on her knickered bottom every Sunday afternoon before he slowly, gently took her knickers down for an orgy of -------------!!

"Swish Thwack!"  Paul screamed out in pain, and his bottom writhed as far to one side as his trapped penis allowed.  "Swish Thwack!" and after a few seconds, "Swish Thwack!" another one.  He yelled out at each searing stroke, "Swish Thwack!" and sobbed into her soft, perfumed bedspread.  "Swish Thwack!”  "Swish Thwack!"  Paul was very aware that his Aunty knew exactly what she was doing as, "Swish Thwack!”  "Swish Thwack!" two more strokes of her swishy cane, and he howled with pain, squirming about in agony until he sank onto her silky thighs in despair.

"Ooh," "Ooooh," and he sobbed freely for a while as his awful ordeal had overcome his normal thinking.  And then, suddenly, his grasping hand found the waist-elastic of her dear wonderful knickers!  The effect on him was dramatic as his voice suddenly and repeatedly cried out, "knickers," "knickers,"  "knickerrs,"  "knickerrrs,"  "Oh Aunty's knickers," in a peculiar haunting, heart-rending tone which made her heart thump and her body tingle all over.  Whatever had she done to him!

Rosemarie was so surprised with this outburst of passion that she dropped the cane and put her hands on his writhing, thrusting, bottom, and felt the burning heat through ‘his' knickers.

Paul's other hand sought frantically, and found the elasticated leg of her knickers, and then he burst into tears, crying, "Oh Aunty, I love your knickers, I love your knickers, I do love your knickers," with his hands grasping the waist of her knickers, and her knicker-leg as if her knickers were life itself!  "Oh Aunty," he sobbed.  "I do so love your darling, darling, knickers-s-s-s; I adore them," and he held her knickers so tightly that his knuckles were white! 

Suddenly she became very aware that his penis was steadily pumping a sticky wetness between her thighs and she knew exactly what had happened.  But goodness, how should she deal with it?!

She gently patted his bottom and put her other hand back to comfort his head, and then her intuitions took over.  "It's all right, dear, Aunty understands how you feel."  She waited for a few moments, stroking his hair until his sobs finally ceased.

"You must get up now, dear and tell Aunty all about it," she spoke softly, as she knew that he had passed through a strange and wonderful phase in learning about his emotional and sexual needs.

Slowly he got up.  He looked terribly red-faced and hung his head sheepishly.  Then he whispered, "I'm sorry, Aunty, but it all just happened," and he stared down at her obviously wet knickers.

"No matter dear, we can talk about it later," she said understandingly.  "Now, very carefully take my knickers off and hand them back to me."

"Oh Aunty, please, I can't, you'll see me naked again ------," his weak voice trailed off when he saw her determined look returning.  She repeated, "Take off my knickers at once, dear".

Paul did so as he knew that he had to obey his Aunty, and then, very red-faced, he placed her pink silky knickers into her outstretched hand.  "Thank you, dear.  You see, it is much better if you obey me instantly, isn't it?"  She held her knickers up and inspected the large wet patch, "Now go and bring me a clean pair of your nice white underpants."

Paul dropped his head in shame, his hands covering his drooping penis, and nodded, "Yes, Aunty".  She watched his red, stripe-marked bottom as he left her, surprised that it was not more severely marked, but she supposed that her knickers had protected his flesh more than she expected.

In a moment he returned, his face beetroot red, "I've forgotten to bring my underpants," his voice was almost a whisper, and full of the fear of another punishment caning.

"Then you will have to remain naked until I can think of something," she retorted, somewhat annoyed by his forgetfulness.  "Take your silly hands away from yourself or I shall think there is something wrong with you.  There, that's better," she said, as he obeyed her.  She looked down at his penis and wondered how long it would be before it was capable of growing hard again.

Wicked, lustful thoughts formed in her mind as she sent him scurrying to the bathroom to wash it.

She was starting to enjoy ruling him with her lovely knickers, and with his shy, lustful penis!

As soon as Rosemarie was alone, she took down her cream knickers, and using soap and water from her washbasin, she washed away the copious amounts of his sticky wetness on her brown-stockinged legs.  Finally she dried her own juicy arousal.
She dared herself to pass the bathroom, and crept downstairs without any knickers on, and soon managed to choose a pair of freshly ironed knickers to put on.  They were yet another pair of her favourite rayon directoire knickers, lovely virgin white knickers which had their silky rayon knicker-gusset lining extended all the way up to their waist-elastic, a feature she loved very much. 
Giggling excitedly to herself, she wondered if she again dared to go past the bathroom door with no knickers on!
Heart pounding with excitement, and clutching her knickers in her hands, she went quickly up the stairs, past the bathroom, and into her bedroom where she shut the door with a sigh of relief.  There she gently talced herself, and stepped carefully into her knickers.
At the mirror, she tidied her stocking-tops and eight strong suspenders until she smiled with erotic satisfaction.  Then she slowly eased her knickers right up into their place in the same way that she had loved to do ever since she was just a young girl so many years before.  The unmistakeable snap of her knicker-elastic had been a comforting part of her life ever since.
Rosemarie thought that Paul was taking rather a long time in the bathroom!

Paul had heard his Aunty go downstairs and had gone quickly to his bedroom to have another search for his new underpants.  He felt that he would never get used to having a woman looking at his naked penis, and he cursed himself for forgetting his nice new white cotton underpants
which he had recently bought.   He had spent many happy hours carefully planning to 'accidentally' expose himself to her whilst wearing just his underpants.
But things had now been taken from his control, and had almost gone far beyond anything that he could possibly stand, and he felt acutely humiliated.  Yet, seeing his wonderful Aunty undressed to her knickers was driving him wild, and it was all so terribly embarrassing for him as his penis was constantly throbbing and erect even when he was alone.
He could think of little but her knickers, her soft perfumed body, his constantly stinging bottom, and his throbbing penis aching for his dear Aunty's knickers! 
Very soon the temptations of her remaining knickers hanging on the line became almost too much for him, but he had already learnt one painful lesson in discipline.  So this time he only longingly looked at her dear, kissable knickers, and h
is penis surged fully into life again.  Then while his hand was busy stroking its hardness he heard his Aunty return upstairs to her room.
A few moments later his eyes chanced upon a glint of light from the spyhole, and he moved to have a closer look.  To his utter amazement he saw his Aunty just stepping into a pair of her beautiful white silky knickers.  His heart stopped, and leapt, and thumped, and his penis surged and throbbed in his hand.  His eyes glazed over, and he had to rub them before he could see again.  He found that he could easily view the whole of his Aunty's bedroom, but his eyes were glued to her white knickers which were still down around her stocking-tops, and then he stared, utterly amazed at what she was doing to herself.
He almost gasped aloud when he saw that she had no pubic hair, and her intimate flesh looked so soft and silky-smooth that he swayed with dizziness.  He continued to feel dizzy, spellbound, just as if it was all a strange and wonderful dream, but his grip on his big, throbbing penis was real as he closely watched everything she did.  Finally she pulled her knickers up and settled them into their place with several heart-stopping snaps of her knickers waist-elastic, and then on each of her brown-stockinged thighs, the snaps of her leg-elastics.
She walked towards him and he quickly moved away from the wall.  He naturally assumed that she was unaware of the spy-hole, but he felt too guilty to remain there, and went back to lay trembling on his bed, his hands holding his throbbing penis with tremendously mixed emotions.
He was already tired after his long bike ride, but whatever was happening to him since he'd arrived was far more exhausting.  Most dramatic of all was that he'd seen his Aunty's smooth, hairless vagina, and he had actually watched her playing with it, and the brain-shattering realisation that ladies played with their vaginas was almost too much for his poor befuddled brain to take in.
Rosemarie peeped through the spyhole and was satisfied that her nephew was simply resting, and waiting for her call.  The regular little movements of his hand and the large protruding part of his erect penis showed that he had recovered sufficiently for her to have some teasing fun.
She pushed open his door, "Paul, dear.  Come to me, please".
She waited until he followed her into her bedroom, and there turned to look at him.
Paul stood, red-faced, his hands covering himself, until he saw her penetrating stare.  He quickly moved his hands away, and then his face turned an even brighter beetroot red, for his penis had remained almost fully stiff.  Instead of becoming used to his Aunty seeing his stiff penis, it was becoming increasingly more devastating to him.  It seemed to him that because his penis was always so stiff, then therefore she must know everything about his most secret, lustful thoughts.
"Put your hands to your sides, dear," she said casually, "Now, did you have another look for some of your nice new underpants?"  Paul tremblingly explained that they were indeed forgotten.
"Well, your other underpants have already been collected by the weekly laundry van, so you can remain naked until I can get you some more underpants tomorrow".  She was deliberately teasing him, repeatedly mentioning his new white underpants, and enjoying his extreme discomfort more and more.  "You may have to wear some of my old knickers under your shorts when we go to town tomorrow, and pulling their elasticated legs up should hide them sufficiently," she mocked, and noticed that his penis twitched two or three times at that!  She also noticed that he was trying not to look at her knickers, and yet he could not take his eyes from them as she moved slowly and deliberately around her bedroom.
Then her heart softened for him and she sat on the low stool beside her bed, "Come here, dear, and tell Aunty how you feel".  She opened her legs and drew him between her thighs.  He was quite tall and his penis was pointing up towards her mouth, and so she said softly, "you had better hold onto that, dear, as we don't want any more little 'accidents' do we?"  She had deliberately ignored the well-known fact that he was even more likely to spurt at her if he was holding on to his erection, and she was very much enjoying his red-faced predicament. 
Paul had been desperate to hold his penis, and quickly grabbed it with his right hand while his Aunty explained to him that she knew how much a woman's directoire knickers drew such a lot of mysterious, magical love for most men, and that she understood about their sexual effect on his penis, too.  She looked at his throbbing penis in his hand, "Just like that," she whispered sexily, smiling at his dumb-struck expression.  "Some women enjoy having a man wanting to see her knickers," she went on, "and some men love a woman's knickers so much that he wants to put her knickers on himself, and that's all you did, dear".
But, Paul, you were not punished for loving Aunty's knickers.  You were punished for taking my own personal knickers for yourself, without my permission, and it is important that you understand the difference.  Do you understand that, dear?"
When Paul managed to nod his head and gasp "Yes, Aunty," she nodded thoughtfully, and added ominously, "But I shall not hesitate to punish you again, dear, so do you promise to be on your best behaviour from now on?"
He tremblingly assured her that he would, but his eyes instantly returned to her white knickers.
Rosemarie noted this with some pleasure, for she was enjoying herself immensely.  She got up and deliberately moved ahead of him, saying, "Follow me and come down for your meal, dear".
She was becoming surprisingly aroused by his lustful adoration for her knickers.  A careful look in two of her many mirrors confirmed her expectation that he was rubbing his penis close behind her white-knickered bottom, and she saw that his eyes were fixed unwaveringly on her rolling bum-cheeks as they moved sexily within her beautiful knickers all the way downstairs to the living room.  More wicked ideas filled her mind as she bent down to pick up a thread of cotton, and she secretly grinned as he almost walked into her knickered bottom!
As he ate his meal, she moved about the place, doing her chores, very mindful of her nephew's lustfully loving eyes adoring her lovely white knickers.  Afterwards, she sent him upstairs.  "On my bed you will see lots of Aunty's knickers, dear.  I want you to bring me the pink silky knickers which you made wet, and also my cream knickers which I was wearing earlier.  Please do not touch any of my other knickers you'll see on my pillows".

She smiled, for she was absolutely certain that her naughty lustful nephew would not be able to resist touching those knickers which she had so carefully arranged across her pillows.  She would know, and confront him, and demand an explanation.  She would make a big issue of it, stressing his dishonesty out of all proportion.  She would shame him into an abject confession.  She may or may not punish him for it.  But whatever she decided, he would be finally, totally, and utterly beholden to her and her wonderful personal knickers.

More to follow   

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