Aunty Kay’s Silky Petticoats and Directoire Knickers

(Ricky has written about his early petticoat and knickers experiences, and the story has been edited by Rosemarie.)

My love of ladies’ silky underwear started when I was still at school.  I went to a co-educational school and at that time girls wore blouses and skirts for the winter term and then light cotton dresses for the warmer months.  They also quite commonly wore slips under their skirts and dresses and I used to spend many a happy time during a boring lesson catching glimpses of their nylon and lace slips and underskirts peeking from under the girls’ skirts.  There was one particular girl, for whom I had a burning lust, who regularly wore a lovely, soft, black nylon underskirt and this she showed provocatively from under her desk.  Many was the time that I had to retreat rapidly to the toilet at break in order to relieve a raging hard-on which I’m sure was noticed by the girl in question, as time after time the slip show got more and more revealing.
These displays awoke an intense longing in me which has remained with me ever since.  Under a girl’s dress was a secret and mysterious world which I longed to explore.  Why, I wondered, did girls wear such pretty and delightful underwear which some girls coyly tried to conceal and other girls chose to seductively reveal?  And so, for me, slips and petticoats became an almost overwhelming obsession.  I ached to see one in all its completeness, to feel its softness, and perhaps, in my wildest fantasy, to try one on.

And then, one summer’s day, when I was a young man in my twenties, came the opportunity.  I was staying with my favourite aunty for a few days as I had to attend a college course taking place in her area.  Aunty Kay was an extremely attractive woman, tall and slim, and she used to wear very pretty, floral dresses of the type common at the time, with a hemline well above her knees.  During my stay I found myself fighting very hard to deny the sexual feelings I was having about her, thinking it was just very wrong to fancy one’s aunty.

I regularly saw her underwear on the garden clothes line, and also in her parlour when she was drying, ironing or airing her petticoats and things, but I had to pretend not to notice it, and indeed there had been no safe opportunity to look uninterrupted at her beautiful, silky underwear.  However, amongst her petticoats on the line I had spotted some long, silky knickers that had elastic in their waist and their legs.  They looked heavenly and I was drawn to them as much as her petticoats.  One could hardly help seeing knickers, panties and other ladies underwear on clotheslines, and I had often wondered at the beauty and adorable sexiness of those beautiful bloomers, what I discovered were called directoire knickers.  I regularly saw glimpses of various women’s knicker-leg elastics, but it was those women’s petticoats that really turned me to jelly with a hard-on!

And so I couldn’t avoid staring whenever Aunty Kay sat down opposite me, crossed her nylon-sheathed legs and then displayed a good inch of silky nylon slip, underskirt or petticoat, as I soon learned that she preferred to say.  On one occasion when she was showing a nice view of her cream, nylon petticoat, my desire got the better of me and I felt my cock rising inexorably and straining against my underpants.  It was so stiff that it was actually hurting. 

Aunty, as I called her, looked at me curiously and asked if I was alright.  I must have looked flushed and uncomfortable as I adjusted my posture to try and hide the huge bulge that I felt sure was very visible.  I assured her that I was OK, just rather warm.  She then got up, brushed past me in a wonderful waft of intoxicating perfume and went over to open the window.  This was my opportunity to make my excuses and beat a hasty retreat, hoping my erection wouldn’t be noticed.  I muttered something about popping up to the loo, and then dashed, rather painfully while trying to adjust my aching stiffness in my underpants, upstairs to the bathroom.  Locking the door behind me, I struggled out of my trousers and released my aching penis from my hot underpants.  Just as I put my hand around the shaft of my cock to release my pent up desire, I noticed something blue and soft on the floor.  With trembling hands I picked up the garment and to my utter delight I realised it was a full slip in the softest, heavy nylon.  Aunty must have dropped it inadvertently.  Sky blue in colour, it glistened in the sunlight streaming through the window.  With my cock now straining for release, I lovingly examined this gorgeous thing which I had dreamed of seeing for so many years.  I held it to my face and drank in my aunt’s musky perfume, and then let its silken folds drape against me, my sensitive cock head twitching at the softness enveloping it.  A few wonderful minutes passed while I kissed and cuddled her silky slip, holding it up to gaze at and then repeating that trembling caress of her gorgeous petticoat.  This was absolute heaven until came the realisation that I had lost all track of time and that my aunty must be wondering what was going on.  I was right.  A sudden knock on the door made me start in terror.  “Are you alright, dear?” she called.
“Yes, thank you, Auntie,” I replied weakly.  “ I’m just feeling a bit queasy.”
“Alright”, came the reply, “but when you’re ready would you mind just picking up my blue petticoat and bringing it to me in the bedroom.”

Panic seized me at that moment because I realised that in draping her slip over my cock I had left a trail of pre-cum wetness on the front of it, and it was very obvious, too.  I waited for a moment and then thought of an idea.  I flushed the toilet and then washed my hands.  I pushed my now wilting penis back through the Y-front of my underpants and adjusted it more comfortably.   I managed to dress and to compose myself, and was soon emerging hesitantly from the bathroom, clutching Aunty’s beautiful petticoat in my trembling hands.  I knocked timidly on her bedroom door.
“Come in, dear, don’t be shy”, she called in that lovely sing-song voice she used, it seemed, just for me.  “I’m just getting ready to go out shopping and feel like changing into something a bit smarter.”
It was then that I noticed she was wearing only her brassiere and knickers.  I stared, hardly believing my eyes.  I quickly took in this wondrous sight and then tried to pretend that I'd not noticed!  But I had seen through her nylon knickers that she was also wearing a nice, lacy suspender belt that had several strong-looking suspenders attached mysteriously around the tops of her brown stockings.  Her knickers were the same shade of blue as her petticoat which, of course was that beautiful sky blue I'd so adored in the bathroom.  Now I knew why she had asked me to fetch her matching blue petticoat.  She obviously loved to wear matching underwear, and now she wanted to wear her sky blue knickers and her other silky blue things together under her dress.  I quickly thought about her cream petticoat, the flashes of which I'd seen a few minutes earlier, and couldn't help wondering if she had been wearing cream knickers as well.  And what about her brassiere, had she also changed her brassiere too?  Then my eyes dared to look on the bed behind her and there I saw her beautiful, long, cream petticoat draped across her pillows, and draped on top of it were her long, silky directoire knickers and a beautiful, white brassiere.  For a moment I really did feel dizzy, and in that moment my cock stiffened again in my underpants.  With great effort I steadied myself, and gazed in awe at this lovely woman, again fighting that instinctive feeling that this was all wrong.  But again the overwhelming desire for her took over and my poor, frustrated cock rose even stiffer in response to all this loveliness before me.
“Have you got my petticoat, dear?” she enquired, and then her eyes were clearly drawn to my suddenly tented front.
“Yes, Auntie,” I croaked, “I’m sorry, but it got a bit wet on the front.  I splashed it when I washed my hands.”  My excuse sounded very lame as I gently handed her adorable petticoat  to her outstretched hands.
“Never mind, dear, I’m sure it will be fine,” she replied, holding it up to her face, as women seem to do with their intimate underwear, and then she looked at the front of her slip with a puzzled expression.  Her face then flushed and she looked a little embarrassed.  “Have you…..?” and then her voice trailed off, as, in a moment of sheer, desperate abandonment, my words came tumbling out, “Yes, Auntie, I’m so sorry, it’s just that I have been trying all day to avoid looking at your legs and up your skirt.  But it’s no use, I’m just tormented with wanting to see your underwear and I caught sight of your cream, nylon petticoat earlier and because I had an erection I had to dash upstairs to relieve myself.”  I gulped, and quickly continued, “Then I was in just my underpants when I found your lovely blue slip and….oh, God, it’s just too much.”
My face was as red as it had ever been and my eyes were tearful as I stood there before her.  Suddenly I realised that I was staring at her knickers, too, the blue ones, and not knowing what to do I just hung my head in shame.  She seemed to be taller than me then and in my mind so big and beautiful that I nearly passed out with emotion.  My mind was a blur.

Auntie slowly sat down on the bed and for a moment there was an awkward silence.  Then her voice came out in a measured undertone as she struggled with the implications of the situation.  
“You know this is all wrong, dear.  You’re my nephew and I love you very much, but I never thought something like this would happen.  Perhaps I’ve been giving you all the wrong signals, and especially like this, inviting you in my bedroom when I’m in my brassiere and knickers.  I didn’t think that you'd even like my long, elastic-leg knickers, and now you tell me you have this fetish for my petticoats.  And you were going to bring yourself off in my favourite, blue petticoat?  Is that so?” and she held her gorgeous petticoat up at full length tormenting me even further.
“Yes, Auntie”, I replied weakly.  “It’s because I’ve had this desire for silky petticoats, underskirts and knickers ever since I was at school and I’ve always longed to touch and experience a petticoat for myself.”

She continued to gaze at her petticoat, and then she looked blushingly and thoughtfully down at her blue, silky knickers, as if seeing them with renewed interest concerning her nephew.  My heart thumped so hard I thought I'd burst, and my cock was now rigid with love and desire for her and her beautiful knickers.
She looked up at me with curious eyes, “And you love Aunty’s knickers too, do you?  Some women love to call them bloomers, did you know that?”
I couldn't contain myself, whatever the penalty might be, and blurted, “Oh, yes, Aunty, I have always loved seeing your knickers on the clothesline, and my friend’s mum calls them her bloomers, too”, and then I couldn't avert my gaze from her used, cream knickers on her bed.  I remembered that they were sometimes called directoire knickers, and the word knickers always made me instantly excited.  And with tears misting up my eyes, I blurted passionately, “I do love your knickers, Aunty”.
She looked at me with some intensity again, before softly saying, “Good, I'm glad you love my long, silky knickers, and I love to wear long, soft cotton knickers, too, but we shall come to those later”, and with enormous relief I realised that she wasn’t going to turn from me in disgust.
“Come and sit next to me on the bed,” she invited and patted the counterpane, “and tell your Aunty just how much you love my underwear.”

I carefully joined her on the bed and the two of us sat quietly for a while, she in her lovely brassiere and silky, blue knickers whilst I sat with my aching, throbbing erection raging in my underpants, quite unable to fully grasp what was happening.  It all seemed like a dream.
“You know that I love you, dear,” Auntie whispered, “but now I can also love you in a different way.  Yes, it does seem a little bit wrong, but this is just between us and no-one else must know.  And yes, I can understand how you must love petticoats, knickers and things”.  She paused and sighed, and went on, “I, too, have a confession to make.  You see, dear, I have a huge collection petticoats in my wardrobe and just cannot seem able to stop buying them.  Half slips, full slips, petticoats, whatever we call them they are all so lovely.  And I have drawers full of knickers and panties, too.  They are mostly knickers like these, so big and beautiful to look at and to wear.  Some are very expensive, others less so, and mostly I get them from nice, intimate shops like Annette’s Knickers.  Hers are the softest and silkiest petticoats and knickers that I know.  And yes, they make me feel electric too.  Sometimes I lie on the bed in my petticoat and knickers and rub myself through the two layers of soft, silky nylon, and …..oh Gosh, I’m beginning to feel the need again….”

She broke off with a beautiful, embarrassed smile and she suddenly looked very vulnerable.  My heart leapt as I realised how much I loved this woman and how our love had taken on a completely new dimension.
“Oh, Aunty, I love you so much,” I said as I leaned towards her and kissed her.  “Thank you so much for being so understanding.  I’m so glad that we can share this love of your beautiful, silky underwear.  It’s something we can share to make our love even more special.”
“Yes, darling,” she breathed, and kissed me in return.  “Now we can enjoy so much underwear-love together.” 

With that, her hand moved gently to my crotch and she began to feel the hardness of my cock.  She then proceeded to unzip me and motioned to me to pull my trousers down.  A few moments later I was standing before her in my soft, white vest and my favourite, white underpants.  It was the first time that an older woman had ever seen me in my white, Y-front underpants and I blushed with embarrassment, especially as my stiff cock was protruding out into them, and I could feel the familiar little patch of sex-juices oozing ever bigger.
“Oh my Goodness,” Aunty murmured, staring directly at my distorted underpants and my wetness oozing through their soft cotton.  “You really do love me, don’t you?”
“Yes, darling Aunty, I do love you,” I replied, passionately and with lust for her knickers, with my embarrassment seeming to arouse me all the more.  I watched her staring at my imprisoned cock and felt thrilled when she murmured, “I want to see your nice, white underpants all around dear, so turn right around for Aunty.
I did as she said and felt her eyes drinking in my pants as if she was revealing some long-needed, secret desires.  Then she opened her stockinged legs wider and drew me closer between them until I felt her wonderful, silky knicker-legs pressed against my bare, trembling skin.  My cock was aching for release but she seemed to be happy to gaze at my underpants, murmuring, “Yes, such lovely, white underpants are a joy for a woman to behold,” and when she put her open hands on my hips and began to slowly and thoughtfully fondle my underpants all over from their wide waist-elastic to my elasticated underpants-legs, carefully avoiding my Y-front and my stiff, upward-pointing cock trapped deliciously inside.  Her exquisite touch was making me tingle all over and I felt her making these wonderful moments last as long as possible.
She murmured, “I do love your Y-front underpants, darling, and it’s such a long time since I saw such a lovely sight that I need to savour them in every detail, and then at last her hands moved forward onto the big, long-shaped bulge that was my stiff, throbbing cock and my aching balls.  She knew exactly what to do, and with one hand she cupped my balls through my soft, white pants, and with the other she fondled along the length of my shaft, murmuring, “It looks really wonderful in these beautiful, soft underpants, darling, so promise me that you will always wear soft, white cotton, Y-front underpants for me?”
I was trembling, and I also felt her legs trembling against mine when I whispered passionately, “Yes, Aunty, and I love you looking at my underpants like that, and touching them”.  Then I gasped and my knees went weak when she gave my rigid cock an affectionate squeeze, and fondled my bursting balls with her expert hands.

“Oh Aunty, it feels so wonderful through my underpants, and I can see your knickers, too,” and I gasped again when she leaned forward and kissed the little Y-front ‘entrance’ of my white pants, and then began to put her fingers tentatively inside.
She smiled up at me, and then looked down at her blue knickers where their leg-elastics were stretched on her stockinged thighs.  She stroked her hands up her thighs to her tummy, and up to her waist-elastic where it gripped her soft flesh just below her matronly, white brassiere.  She teasingly fondled her knicker-elastic for a few moments before caressing her knickers down to her knicker-gusset, and murmured, “Do you like Aunty’s beautiful, wide knicker-gusset, darling?  It is so soft, warm and silky that I know that you’ll love it as much as I do, and I love to see it like this,” and she opened her thighs even wider.  To my amazement she gently caressed her knicker-gusset well back, murmuring, “There, the pleasure of this sort of knickers is so wonderful, dear, and I can teach you to love my cream or blue knickers as much as I do.”

I was in a trembling daze of confusion.  Was this really happening to me, or was it a dream?  Then I realised that she was actually fondling her own sex through her beautiful, wide silky knicker-gusset, and my heart went out to her.  I'd never even seen a woman undressed to such beautiful, long knickers, but now, fondling her open knicker-gusset, and so blatantly, too, was completely beyond my experience.  But when she again looked up at me and smiled I knew that it really was true and happening.  For a few more moments she fondled herself through her silky knickers, and then she closed her legs gently against mine.
By then, all I could think was that I hoped that she would take my pants down and make me wank my stiff cock for her, as I was so desperate to cum.  However, as I was to learn in our future together, my dear Aunty was much more subtle with sex, and more skilled with a cock than I could ever have believed.
Her hands returned to my cock and through the soft cotton of my underpants she began to stroke it very expertly along its full, throbbing length, making me gasp and moan with incredible pleasure.  After a short while she slowly and confidently manipulated the head of my cock until it began to ease out through the little ‘entrance’ of my underpants, and bit by bit she pulled it all the way out until it was as far as it would come.  She gasped, “It is so beautiful, darling, so big and so stiff, and Aunty loves it very much.
”I heard myself moaning, and managed to blurt, “Oh, Aunty, I love you and your knickers, and everything,” and I gasped again as she squeezed and kissed it all the way from its base to its big, rounded head, now glistening with my juices.  “Just like Aunty’s sex-juices,” she murmured, and pressed her lips to the head of my cock making me gasp loudly again.  Then her hand went to my balls.  Only my tingling, sensitive balls remained inside my underpants and I moaned as, through their softness, she fondly cupped and stroked them for a few moments before murmuring, “I love your balls in these beautiful soft, white, cotton underpants, but sometime I shall take them out with your cock and see them proudly together.”
At that, my engorged cock stood proudly pointing upwards in front of her, its head glistening and purple, and a steady trickle of its juices were oozing down its shaft.  Although I was desperate to cum, seeing her blue petticoat beside her I somehow managed to blurt, “Can we both enjoy your blue petticoat now?”
She smiled happily at that, and reaching for it she said, “Oh, yes, darling, here it is.  Pleasure yourself with it as you will, while I watch you, and I’ll stroke my blue, silky knickers.”

It sounded a truly wonderful idea, and almost beyond belief, but when she handed me her petticoat and with her gentle hands she spread it over my cock, I gasped and moaned with joy.  I fondled the silken folds and wrapped them around my throbbing erection, proceeding to wank myself slowly through the glistening soft nylon.  The feeling was intense and indescribable as waves of pleasure surged along my shaft, and it was almost too much for me to stand.  Then I paused as I saw her legs slowly, sexily open and her hands began to stroke her knickered thighs, moving slowly back to her well-spread knicker-gusset.  I couldn't help staring at them, incredulous, and I gasped, “Yes, Aunty, we do so love your knickers don’t we?  Do you really love your knickers?”
She looked up at me and smiled rather blushingly, “Yes, darling.  I love my petticoats and long, silky knickers very much, and you can watch me making love to my knickers if you like”.
I could hardly believe it, but seeing is believing and the sight of my dear Aunty’s glorious directoire knickers so well spread before my eyes must have convinced my bemused mind, and somewhere inside me a tingle of relief flooded through my whole body.  At last I knew that we both wanted to share the special pleasures of her silky petticoats and knickers and things, and I saw in her eyes that she loved my soft, white underpants, too.  What incredible pleasures lay ahead, I thought, as my cock rose to new levels of desire and lust.

Now my dear Aunty was beginning to fondle herself through her beautiful long knickers.  I looked at her longingly, “Talk me through it, Auntie, please,” I pleaded, wanting to hear her sweet, sing-song voice as I wanked.
“Oh yes, darling,” she groaned, by now fingering her clitty through her silky knickers.  “How we both love this soft, blue petticoat.  It’s wonderful and silky, and the silkiness differs inside and out, dear,  – oh, that’s so lovely, and then the lace – the rasp of the lace contrasting with the soft nylon.  Oh Goodness, it’s so good….ohh….yes…darling, I’m going to cum in my knickers for you …”

I stood, staring in wonderment at her open knicker-gusset as her fingers rubbed rapidly, and then she cried out and shuddered as her orgasm coursed through her whole body, gasping “Oh, my sweet petticoats, oh, my sweet knickers, how we love them….oh…..yes, so good”.   And then she gasped, and closed her eyes while her breathing slowed down.  Her legs were still open and I saw a wonderful, wet patch spreading along the double-thickness of her silky nylon knicker-gusset, and my heart went out to her.  I had only heard that women wanked like men did, but now I had seen it, and had witnessed my darling Aunty wanking herself in her much-adored knickers, and it was a truly wonderful sight, especially as I was watching with my stiff, throbbing cock enveloped in my Aunty’s silky, blue petticoat.
Throughout all this I was wanking very slowly through Auntie’s petticoat and I was just on the point of cumming when her lovely hand reached forward and took over from me.
“Don’t cum just yet,” she breathed, “Auntie wants to hold it and make it cum for her.”
With that she continued rubbing through her petticoat as I had done, but then changed tactics and, grasping her petticoat in each hand, she pulled its exquisite silkiness back and forth over the sensitive tip of my cock.  My head swum in an ecstasy of utter pleasure as this beautiful woman carefully and expertly petticoat-wanked me, stopping every so often to prolong the pleasure when she sensed I was about to explode.  The spunk was by now oozing freely through her petticoat, a sign of the dam-burst about to come.
“Auntie, Auntie, I love you so much,” I moaned, emotionally, “and I love your petticoat…the silky nylon on my cock….oh Goodness, and your knickers, your darling knickers, ….finish me off, I beg you….”.
“Oh my darling, let it go now” she whispered, her voice husky with desire.  She increased the rubbing until I suddenly went over the edge, my penis pulsating and throbbing as great spurts of spunk welled forth into the waiting nylon petticoat.  I gasped and yelled, and made more noise than I'd ever made before, and then watched my cum pour, seemingly unceasingly, into her beautiful, blue petticoat until I was drained.  “Oh Aunty,” was all I could say, and sank to my knees between her open thighs, where she ruffled my hair affectionately.
Through my blurred eyes I looked down at her beautiful knickers, and although she’d modestly closed her legs a bit, they were still apart enough for me to gaze at her long, wide knicker-gusset ,and I realised that I adored her knickers at least as much as her petticoats, and knew that at last I'd found a wonderful, knickers-loving woman to share my passion for silky petticoats and knickers.  Even in my state of exhaustion, I felt incredibly thankful for her and her love.
In a little while she leaned forward and kissed me, and somehow I found the strength to respond.
It was the deepest and most profound orgasm of my life.  So much pent up desire, and so much hiding of my true feelings, of my love of petticoats, of my love for my aunty – it was all released in this wonderful moment when I felt truly accepted and understood by this very special woman.

In a little while she stood slowly up and whisperingly asked me to take down her knickers.  “They are a bit wet so you can gently wipe me with them, dear.”
Still on my knees before her, I was not really recovered yet, but I began to do as she asked, and with wonderment bursting my brain I put my hands on her knickers waist-elastic and slowly pulled her silky knickers downwards.  She guided me a little, murmuring, “Don’t worry darling, I shall teach you how to take down my knickers and dress me and enjoy all sorts of wonderful things together.”

Soon I was taking her big, ‘complicated’ knickers off over her feet and she opened her legs for me to wipe her sex-juices for her.  I was truly enamoured with all the ‘complicated’ stocking-tops and suspenders and things, but it was her wonderful, smooth-shaven sex that really shook me up as it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.  However, she must have thought I'd seen enough of her intimate area, and she pointed out a clothes line that I'd not noticed behind me.  On it were several pairs of knickers of all pastel colours that made me tingle all over.  “While I finish wiping myself, dear, will you fetch those lovely, pink knickers for me?”
In a daze and trembling, I stood up and put my now shrunken cock back into my Y-front underpants, and tried to focus my eyes on her pink directoire knickers.  Somehow, I un-pegged them and she smiled happily as she indicated that I was to kneel down and put those wonderful knickers onto her.

That was the beginning of our amazing and wonderful time together, and of my full awakening to the joys of silky-nylon and rayon petticoats and directoire knickers.