A Session in soft white cotton underpants

(An exciting little 'instructional story' by R.McD.  Edited by Rosemarie)

Over the years I have enjoyed many wonderful hours of masturbation with soft, white, cotton underpants.  I much prefer my plain white 'trunk' style underpants for these pleasures.

I do hope that some of my wonderfully erotic experiences can bring enjoyment to others.

Before starting my masturbation session, I put on a nice, strong, multi-strap suspender belt and a pair of tan-coloured, silky nylon stockings.  From my extensive collection of white underpants, I carefully choose a pair of freshly ironed, soft, white, cotton underpants.  These will often be my favourite Superwhite pants.

The underpants are better for the following masturbation techniques if they are a size too large for me, and thank goodness our Rosemarie keeps me very well supplied with her lovely quality underpants.

The next question is, shall it be outdoor wanking or indoor wanking?  They are both extremely fulfilling, but when I can go outside on a fine day, the warm sun on my soft underpants feels wonderful.  I do love it when a warm little breeze ripples the legs of my underpants, and the fresh air fills me with erotic well-being. 

My three favourite positions are:-

1. Sitting on a chair, where the slight additional weight of my oversize pant legs creates gentle pressure on my excited thighs.

2. Sitting back against a chair, with my legs outstretched so that my girlfriend's tan-coloured stockings contrast beautifully with the pure white legs of my lovely, soft underpants.

3. Perhaps the best is when kneeling comfortably on a soft cushion, when my underpants stretch over my thighs and rest on my excitingly taught suspenders.

When beginning to wank, my little finger is placed inside the little pants opening to make the soft, white pants ripple excitingly.  Slow movements and pauses are best to start with, but when speeding up a little the erotic underpants vision becomes almost hypnotising.  This kneeling position enables my underpants to lay on my taught suspenders, and by slow hip-movements my erect penis can slide up and down their soft, teasing little opening.

I have some Spick and Span Magazines which show women undressed and revealing their stocking tops and suspenders.  These pictures fill me with exciting thoughts about women watching my intimate wanking in a pair of 'their' stockings, and I love to imagine them looking at my wonderfully soft, intimate underpants that Rosemarie sent me.

Interestingly, on these very special occasions I don't fantasise about having full sex with a woman of my dreams.  Instead, I fantasise more about seeing and hearing a woman such as Rosemarie telling me how nice I look in women's stockings, and in particular she is fondly admiring my beautiful white underpants.  This fantasy gives me a wonderfully stiff erection within a very few moments, and I imagine her looking at my cock as I play with it through my underpants.  The more I see her gazing in praise and rapture at my underpants, the more aroused I become.  In my mind I imagine that she loves my stiff cock and my soft, pure-white underpants, and it is a mind-blowingly, wonderful time while I slowly wank. 

The temptation to actually touch my throbbing cock has to be resisted more as my climax draws slowly closer. When a spot of juice oozes out I ease my aching penis over, deeper into my soft, white, cotton underpants, where it looks like a lovely, big, pulsating, tent pole.  These are my extra-large underpants from Rosemarie.  They are very special to me, and when my stiff cock presses them out so deliciously I think of her looking at them affectionately.

Any underpants-wanking man should try this as it is amazingly erotic.  He can stroke his super soft pants without touching his throbbing cock until eventually a lovely orgasm starts to build up in his stiff, pulsating cock, and it is soon out of his control.

He will moan with unstoppable pleasure until he has to slip his cock out of the little centre slit and watch it squirt its cum far further than it usually does.  When I spurt my cum in this way they are always the most exciting orgasms that I ever have.  Interestingly, when enjoying this sort of underpants masturbation I usually recover quickly, and I'm often craving another session within a very short time, so it is most important to me that I slip my cock out of my immaculately clean underpants so that they remain soft and strokable for the next wonderful masturbation session.

My thanks go to Rosemarie for sending me such deliciously soft, white, cotton underpants when I needed them so urgently.

(My story, 'How it all began', will follow soon).