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On several pages yet to be named there will soon be an assortment of pictures contributed by friends,
correspondents and customers of 'Annette's Knickers Website'.

Please note the new Pictures Website will remain 'work in progress' for some time
because it is hoped to continually add new pictures for your enjoyment,
and to add interesting and descriptive detail where appropriate.

All pictures will remain the copyright of 'Annette's Knickers Website'.

As with usual, private websites, I hope that anyone wishing to take a copy of a picture
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 some of the lovely knickers and slips below,
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R.25. Cardi & knickers. 

A genuine ‘bedroom peeping’ photo taken
when a certain lady was reaching up for her skirt.




C300205. Long pants and knickers.

 Long pants and knickers on the bed.
But which ones shall she wear today?


A friend was told to remove her skirt to illustrate a story!


A shy friend enjoying her usual stockings and suspenders


 Photo Ref. 226. Very Big Bloomers


 Photo Ref. 228.  Blue Rayon Knickers



Photo Ref. 250.  Blue Slip and Rayon Knickers



Photo Ref. 254.  Knickers and Cream Slip



Photo Ref. 329. Gorgeous Pink Knickers

Welcome to my knickers website.
Hope you'll have some pleasures.
May your visit through the pages
Find you lots of treasures.

Latest News
Here are the latest updates, they're listed every one
So you can see quite clearly the amendments that we've done.

You can stroll down through our website and go just where you will
Or click on links below here and get there faster still.
We've made it alphabetic, straight through from A to Z
So click away my hearties, 'tis quicker done than said.

Candid Camera Ladies

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Suspender Belts



Sheer Temptation



Now there follows some verse
Some better some worse
And some of it's spoken by me.
But the rest, have you guessed?
Is the work of that pest
My webmaster, yes, that is he!!

Rosemarie's Knickers List
I'm sure you'll like my knickers, and there is quite a range
Of rayon, lovely nylon, AND cotton for a change.
My directoires are super, the panties are supreme
They'll fit the slimmest person or those wide in the beam.
So don't just sit there thinking, click on this link right now
You want to have some pleasure? Then we will show you how.




    1401  Fantasie Pantie-Corselette     

       1501  Fantasie Corselette

Rosemarie's Special Ongoing Corsetry Sale
I have managed to gather together some corsets just for you
There's over a hundred items and the prices are special too.
The end-of line remainders won't come again, I'm told
So if you have a favourite then mail me before it's sold.

Rosemarie's Favourite Photographs
Of many pictures seen as time goes by
There are a few whose memory makes me cry
The very thoughts of cane on pantied bot
Fills me with dread. I hope you like the lot.

Gallery 1

Spank me; that's not an invitation
But it is fun enjoyed throughout this nation.

Rosemarie's Underwear Articles and Galleries
There's prose and there's pictures to tickle your tastes
There's knickers for fourteen to twenty eight waists.
For you there's a girdle, suspenders, a skirt
The prices are good so I'm sure they won't hurt.

Soft White Cotton Underpants

Articles        Galleries

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Article 7A 163 Style

Article 7B  153 Style

Go to Knickers List


Ladies Knickers Galleries
My lady friends love knickers, so will you.
We have their photos here for you to view.

Knickers Lovers Galleries
Amongst our men are many who love knickers
They range from country chaps to city slickers
They're thrilled to share with you their prized possessions
They are not shy and have made no concessions
To those who'd mock, who think it's not the fashion
But we know best for knickers are our passion.

We have white underpants for you
There's pictures and a story too
To have a look, click on this link
And let me know just what you think.

Candid Camera Ladies
Whenever they have been alone together
Some ladies will undress despite the weather
They do prefer the sunshine and the heat
And wander round in knickers and bare feet.
 You've guessed that Rosemarie's friends are no exception
I'm sure you'll give them all a good reception.

Gallery 1


My friend and client Sylvie has no fear
She loves the sunshine on her pantied rear
But when she went to see my strawberry patch
She'd really no idea that I would hatch
A plot to take some photos from behind her
The pictures here will certainly remind her
Of summer days so blameless, never faulty
Except where I was being specially naughty!

Gallery 2


Deserved comeuppance later came to Rosemarie
As she was spotted sleeping in the sun
And serves her right, that very naughty Rosemarie
For all the crafty things that she has done!!

Learning about Knickers
Each story here was told us by a viewer
For whom their lovely knickers mean so much
And though the sight of them is sadly fewer
There's nothing better than their friendly touch.

Our Aunties and their lady friends delighted
The boys who gazed from knees to stocking top
But these dear souls, our Aunts, were not short-sighted
They knew boys' love of knickers cannot stop.

So thanks be given to each and every lady
Whose knickers brought us all unending joy
If you've had such experiences then maybe
You'll tell us all of when you were a boy.

Peter Learns About Directoire Knickers
Written by PKL

Tom, His Sister, and her School Knickers
Written by Tom

A Holiday at Cousin Clare’s
Another true story by Tom

Knickers Awakening
Written by Richard, under the close supervision of Aunty Rosemarie

My First Corsets and Directoire Knickers
This is a true introductory story, written by Georgie S.

My First Encounter with Wonderful Directoire Knickers
A true story written by Charles, with guidance from Rosemarie

Knickers in the Mirror
Recounted by Terry, and edited by Rosemarie

Knickers Seduction
The stories of Peter and Brenda, and their adventures in directoire knickers

School Knickers Desires
With Rosemarie’s assistance, Terry tells how it all began for him

Robert Learns about Pamela and her Knickers
A short story written by Robert and
edited by Rosemarie

Brian’s Directoire Knickers Discipline
Brian has written about some of his early knickers-experiences,
and the story has been edited by Rosemarie.

Uncle Brian's Letter
A letter to Niece Rosemarie, from her lustfully loving Uncle Brian.

Aunty Rosemarie's Directoire Knickers

Pink Ribbon
Written by China Hamilton

The Birthday Party

Aunty Kay’s Silky Petticoats and Directoire Knickers
 Ricky has written about his early petticoat and knickers experiences, and the story has been edited by Rosemarie.

Ivan Learns A Lesson
 Ivan wrote this story about his early years and Rosemarie edited it for him.


Ivan meets Veronica on the Train
 Ivan wrote this story about his early years and Rosemarie edited it for him.


Knickers Drawings
I've known friend Del for many many years
His drawings are so good that it occurs
That you might like to share his craft with me
So try this link, you'll love what you will see.


 Spick and Span
We have some pictures all in black and white
With knickers, panties, stockings all just right
To take you back to thoughts of days gone by
We know that you will like them - just you try.



Art Gallery

The beauty of the female form is here for you to see
The artist's done a super job to please both you and me
Some naughty girls have met their match and very soon they'll suffer
The more they shout, the more they scream, their treatment will get rougher
But have no fear for Rosemarie's here, she knows what they can take
She says it's really child's play; it's just a piece of cake.

Jokes and Good Humour
You've had a busy day, oh dear
You need recuperation
So here's some jokes to bring you cheer
And knock out your negation.

 A story here, a story there
A joke, I hear some giggles
And how much better now you feel
Goodbye to all those niggles

Rosemarie's Business
I'm sure that many of you folk can tell
That underwear is what I have to sell
I've been in business more than forty years
I've sold to girls, and men, and sweet old dears.

PCs have changed my life but not my passion
My clothes are all of the traditional fashion
 Below I'll soon unfold my business story
Of wondrous knickers shown in all their glory.

Rosemarie's Business 1

Now, as you insist, here's a link to my list.
So before the light flickers, take a look at my knickers.


Rosemarie's Business 2

If a girdle's your choice or a corset's your aim
Take your pick from my offers and send me your name.
There's plenty to choose from in my special sale
So give me a phone call or write an email.


Site History
Within this link you'll see what we have done
We've learnt a lot and had outstanding fun
As time goes by we'll slave with utmost rigour
This site will grow until it's that much bigger
But you can help, so listen, a solution?
Please send to us your super contribution.

My Knickers Links

I have some friends who share with us the pleasure
Of fun and laughter, jokes and jollity
Like us, and you I'm sure, their knickers treasure
They'll always welcome folk like you and me.

We want to know of every knicker website
So more and more can join in with the fun
So if you've found one that you think is just right
Then this is what I hope that you have done.

You saved its name, you've kept its URL
You'd thought of that, Oh shucks, you are quite swell
Just email me with all your information
More knickers then for you and all the nation.


Bloomers 4 U


A Bonanza of Stockings


Rosemarie Recommends:

A Monthly magazine celebrating all that's best about Britain
For those seeking answers to our common computer problems,
this group is well worth joining.
Each week we can all enjoy discovering something of interest.
Joyce talks a great deal of sense.
Christian Science has been my greatest joy of all.

For some of us, Domestic Discipline is a wonderful thing in our society.


 Tiggywinkles Animal Hospital, does a tremendous job in caring  for
sick and injured hedgehogs, badgers, wild birds, foxes,
and even  reptiles and amphibians.
Click here to see what wonderful work is done by their dedicated staff.








Contact Rosemarie
This knickers site was built for fun and laughter
We plan to grow and multiply your joy
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Email me, phone me, ah yes, even better
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My Webmaster's task is to do as I ask
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He is dedicated and works very hard
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