"Once a Silky-Petticoat-Lover, always a Silky-Petticoat-Lover".

 Slips, or Petticoats as they are still best known by my ladies here, have been an essential part of a woman's intimate underclothing during my many years in the fascinating world of Corsetry and Underwear.
Today, the main Slips I sell are No 163, as illustrated.
They are of cling-resistant silky nylon, Opera Top Style, and approx 40" long.
Adjustable straps, and some lace at bra top and hem, make these slips lovely to look at and very enjoyable to wear.
Although from time to time some details may vary slightly from the illustrations, I have been selling these slips to my local ladies for many years, with great success.
A tip for my underwear-loving men: Some of us enjoy wearing white or cream slips, so that a teasing view of our knickers and stocking-tops can easily be enjoyed by our favourite men through the sheer, pastel-coloured nylon, when we want to lead you astray!!
For those of you who have a favourite colour, the colours below are in stock.
Stock Colours:  BLUE, CREAM, PINK, WHITE.
Stock in Sizes:  14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24.
Other Colours
Navy Blue, Black, may take a few days to send to you.
Larger Sizes:   
26, 28, 30, 32, may take a few days to send to you.
My Price:  for each size, including all colours: £10-70

You are all welcome to ask me about my Slips and other, lovely, Ladies’ intimate underwear.

Most of my Knickers and Panties prices have been held for 7 years, and they are all the same as my local ladies pay me. 

For details of ordering procedure, payment options and a look at the full range of knickers, panties, suspender belts, corsets and Gymphlex school skirts and knickers that I have in stock, then I invite you to visit my Knickers List. 


Have fun, Rosemarie.




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