Original 1950/60s style
Gymphlex School Knickers


This underwear article was written by Rosemarie some while ago.

As it still seems to apply, it will remain for a little while longer.


Gymphlex have been supplying quality School Skirts and Knickers since the 1930s, and these 1950/60s style knickers  remain available to you.

They are genuine school underwear, exactly as I and thousands of other girls happily wore during our fabulous 1950s, and beyond.  They are not fetish knickers, and not glamourwear.

They are a girl’s personal, private, and very intimate knickers, supposed to remain unseen except by the girl herself, her female friends and relatives, and perhaps by other women such as her schoolmistress.

Naturally, our knickers are sometimes exposed by our breeze-blown skirts, and are also seen on the garden clotheslines.  But we are always aware that naughty fellows are lurking nearby, and that our knickers are constantly on their minds!!

These lovely knickers are made of  proper soft ‘knickers-cotton,’ and have a soft, kissable cotton knicker-gusset, which is at least 4" wide!

I have several of these gorgeous school knickers of my own, as even nowadays they are really nice to wear as regular daily knickers.

They measure over 5" from one leg-elastic to the other, and their side seam correctly measures 11".

They have proper tunnelled waist-elastic, and the universally much-loved, and gently elasticated, cuffed legs.

They even have a lovely curved rear knicker-gusset seam, which all discerning women and girls choose because we consider this feature to be ‘looking and feeling the best quality knickers’.

Sizes kept in stock:  Waist: 30" 32" 34" 36" 38" 40".

Colours in stock:     Bottle Green, Maroon, Navy Blue, and White.

Other traditional school colours are available within a few extra days.

Each pair of these Genuine School Knickers of any size or colour will cost you only £10.90.

(We have seen 'fetish knickers' priced at over twice that amount!). 

I think that they are really gorgeous knickers, and I can confirm that they are identical to the lovely knickers that we so enjoyed wearing at school, and at home, in the fabulous 1950's.

Today, a white pair of these knickers goes wonderfully well with my own navy blue pleated school skirt, which I often wear when I have my more ‘fun’ friends visiting!!

However, my 1950/60s skirts and school knickers are also very convenient for everyday wear when I’m busy climbing the ladders in my ‘knickers room,’ or scrabbling around on my knees at the lower shelves, as they are both intended for ‘active pursuits’!!

They are also wonderfully ‘young-feeling’ when I wear them about the house and garden during the summer.

Knickers that are ordered from my regular stock will be despatched as soon as possible.

You will find that more information, photos, and stories concerning these lovely knickers may be added to the Website from time to time. 
Until you have experienced wearing a pair of these wonderful older-style knickers that most girls, including me, secretly loved wearing so much, you really cannot know what pleasures you are missing.

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And please don't forget that none of these lovely knickers will be available for ever!



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